Hi, "I'm speechless".

I don't know what to say to this unmanaged rules and regulations- our respected government- of our beautiful country Nepal. Because of improper steps against crime and corruption, we are still facing the problems; diminished the value of words: discipline, loyalty, respect, energetic, help, intelligence, priority, honesty, and hope.

I'm speechless.

I don't know how to exaggerate the value of the word 'respect'. Although Nepal is a small country, we Nepalese people have a big heart and deep respect towards both females and males. On this point, where is the word respect????. If we genuinely do care for this word, then I think we didn't hear the news of many rape cases, acid attack, sexual and gender-based violence, and discrimination between men and women; results in praising the roots of crime, and losing humanity.

I'm speechless.

I don't know where I should raise my voice and support the things; crime happened in our surrounding. Simultaneously, We have been suffering from the Corona virus outbreak until now and don't know how it long goes. That is why many people are in quarantine to control this outbreak, but the news I heard on 15th June, Sunday shocked me. A 31 years-old-woman who is a migrant worker, returning home from India's tech hub Bengaluru, raped by three men in quarantine school: 2 volunteers (teachers) and 1 health worker. After listening to this news, my heart broke; paused for some time and asked why, but why??. Unwantedly, I can say there is no safe place for females.

I'm speechless.

I don't know where to stop my words because there are lots of things roaming around my mind. And it's hitting my mind badly whenever I think about that all. After which my heart always tries to fill happiness and create a positive vibe; makes me smile. This smile gives me a potent opinion of analyzing the issues hoping for a better environment in this cruel world.

                                                                                                                                                       - PRATIVA SHRESTHA