Vicious circle

Going to college on a public bus is my daily routine. One day, a grey haired man got into the bus in the next station from where I got this bus and he happened to be aside his previous work colleague. They started having conversations about their working days and overhearing their conversation, it would feel like both of them were retired government officers. In between the conversation, an grey haired uncle said, “I heard Shyam has joined Inland Revenue Department, is it true?’’ 

Another uncle said, ‘’Yes it is,a very hardworking, smart young boy’’. 

‘’I agree he is one of the lucky people to have been appointed there as an officer but he is not someone meant for that place’, a grey haired uncle added. 

‘’Yes I feel the same, he cannot make this opportunity productive, he is just concerned with the work and the salary given by the Government, I wonder how does he even make his living with that. I am sure he  will regret it once he gets settled with a family’’, another uncle replied seriously.

‘’True, true,

I mean he is smart at his work, but he must be able to grab this to make some money when he has opportunity, authority and energy. I know people might say it's wrong but it’s true, if not him then another one will replace him in taking bribes, then why give others a chance in this competitive age’’, grey haired uncle was quick enough to say this. 

I got tongue-tied, how openly people say it addressing, ‘’corruption’’ and they even motivate in public. Bravo! This is not a made up story but a real incident.  

Everyone’s eye on Department of Immigration,  ministry of foreign affairs, Citizenship and NID Section under Ministry of Home Affairs. Why? For personal growth? Definitely not, but because there is an adequate opportunity to receive bribes in every single file they have to handle, else the service receiver should be ready to pay a visit to the office for the whole next year. It’s unbelievable news for me to hear ministers abroad are boycotted and publicly insulted by the people, as they consider it a crime, but in my country, it’s an art where elderly encourage the young very publicly.

 You might find this thing which I am about to say, very ‘weird’ but, it is really very hard to make up a living without corruption, because government job don’t pay much, imagine studying for almost all day for years and finally getting job in the vacancy which is spared by the the ministers, nepotism, favoritism, powerful people’s recommendations and getting a salary like the minimum wage receiver in the country. A man from a village comes to a city with dreams, with all his hard work, he pursues it but the salary isn’t enough just to pay rent, few bills, tax, foods and he has nothing to save or to send to his parents back in the village.After reading this, you might think increase in salary of government officers will help, but it will not, because the chain of corruption is unbreakable, workers from small to higher hierarchy levels in government offices and even politicians are involved to strengthen this chain. Whenever you try to break it m you are one to get destroyed because it is manipulated by many powerful people of the country and you are boycotted from the mass of people, as you are one one of these many. So in order to be normal here, you have to participate in corruption else you aren’t social and worthy of any other colleagues in government jobs and people start to anguish to find ways in order to kick you out of that workplace. If you think increment in salary is the solution then it isn’t because for the salary to get increased first people should pay high tax but they fraud the tax and in addition to that they take bribes, so rich are richer and poor are poorer, that’s the fate of developing countries. But let us suppose if it gets increased will the corruption system  bureaucracy be free? Definitely not because it's a human habit to want more and more and they are never satisfied, especially in the country where committing the crime of ‘corruption’ is celebration of wit and cunning behaviour.

 What about punishing the CIAA (The Commission for Investigation of Abuse of Authority), really? DO you think they are very clean when the former chief commissioner of CIAA, Lokman Singh Karki, himself was accused of corruption and Dr. Govinda KC had to go on hunger strike for his interference in medical examination  accusing Karki of protecting corrupt people in the medical education sector and obstructing the overall process of reform of medical education including merit-based admission and ceiling on fees to serve business interests of people close to him. I don’t mean all re corrupt but maximum are, that’s the bitter truth.

‘’Politicians’’ will they punish? Well, that could make nice humor as they are synonyms for corruption and if i begin to write about it, then I would never complete even in a lifetime. All funds from foreign aids even in time of emergency state in country like the Earthquake of 2015, corona pandemic etc.they grab almost more than half of the aids and rest are engulfed by the dealers, brokers and contractors leaving public empty handed.

Sometimes I feel those uncles were right, Goodness is easily replaceable in my country and one who licks the foot of the corrupt system never has to return empty handed. Well, we  have been taught to be corrupt since childhood, for example taking chocolate of Rs 2 and keeping Rs 3 in pocket , I don’t know if it's a wish or need but we are cultured that way. To break this vicious circle, a great revolution of mind is required then a great revolution in structuring of offices is to be made, else Nepal will entrench itself in a blackhole of ‘CORRUPTION’.