Writing is a Hard Work

Issues to be considered while understsnding or to be the Honest writer:

1. writing is hardwork:

It´s truth that writing is hardwork,but writing can be made easier by practing and by learning shortcuts .We should practise as hard and often as both of we can stand it.That means effort is necessary to be honest writer.We shouldn't  be bounded in the name of scores, age, sex or race while we write something .We should know `thyself´ i.e. to know yourself or to explore yourself .We should explore and promote to get identity.


2.Explose feelings/ideas

         Writing is a source of knowledge.If we can open up,we will learn one great truth about writing .We should openly express then ideas and feeling from our inner heart which is reality .Unconscious has all the truths so we should expose it,"Almost all mediocre writer share two qualities -they're vague and they're half-hearted."This means they are frightened or guided by social mortality which is not reality at all". So, we should clearly and completely express the truth from our full heart. Not only that we should express our feelings i.e. reality with a variety of styles and techniques so that we can find our best.

3. Like all intellectual activity, writing should make a person more alive and growing. It is said to be true because writing makes people immortal. The feelings , ideas , descriptions we make in writing should touch the heart of the reader.

4. Trying different style also prepares we to write for different audiences.( objective writing)

        It means writer/author himself is a person who should have a audience analysis capacity. Literature/ literary writing for the child, young and old age cannot be the uniform /similar .So, before writing we should analyse and focus on the audience which is also one of the crucial part to be honest writer. Expose your feelings or ideas that may sound strange to others which is also known as though provoking.Here I will add one example . Alice Walker`s writing about being blind in one eye and growing up in a poor family , her truth which readers want i.e. writer`s truth. Similarly, a writer should be sensitive to readers reactions as well. For this or to win the heart of the audience or reader writing should make a person feel more alive and growing. Perfect word move the world.

 At last in my opinion, to be the honest a professional attitude is necessary. It means the ability to write well in particularl purpose or subject matter. We should be a professional farmer of the words. Not only that we should go through structure , system and creativity to make our writing professional or to develop professional attitude in writing. We should have a capacity of saying something beyond what we already know.

  Thus, writing can paralyze us at first but finally combination of structure, system and creativity leads us to develop professional attitude in writing which is very crucial part to be the honest writer.