A subtle transformation

"LOOK AT HER ISN'T SHE A GORGEOUS WOMAN?'', my older sister said scrolling her Instagram feed. ''Undoubtedly, she is, I replied, let's see her other pictures as well''. We found a picture celebrating her 13th birthday earlier this week. I turned to my sister and said, she isn’t yet a woman, she is a little girl. In return she said,’’She looks like she is around her early 20s’’. I checked her other friend’s profile as well who were tagged in her birthday celebration pictures, her all friends looked of the age my sister supposed them to be around. But why do they look so matured?, seductive, quite older than real age. Is that because of their heavy makeup? No, I’ve seen her no makeup look (which is basically a nude makeup look lol)however, she doesn't look her age. Is that her facial structure or expression or pose or eye look, why isn’t she looking her age?

I don’t know if I will be biased for writing my opinions on it or I’ll be the one who is from an earlier generation, but we just have a 5 years generation gap, still creating a huge difference in beauty standards of the world because of technology, evolution and time. Speaking the truth, I understand changes are the ultimate truth and we should adapt to it accordingly and I also agree that it is a form of art and everyone has different passions but isn’t it my responsibility to check where the next generation is heading? Genuinely, I don’t have a problem about young talents doing their makeup and being the way they want but with this trend I think many aren’t heading in the right direction. It has been one of the important activities in our daily life for whichever profession we choose but not everyone becomes a makeup artist too.

One thing that is bothering me is concern about their premature ageing of skin. As per the experience and observation, people look absolutely amazing till 30 (in most cases) and I don’t find the importance of excessive cosmetics for girls below 15. Even if they use it, I don’t think many girls would have an idea about proper dosage of application, idea about lead content in their whitening creams and lipsticks, side effects of chemicals, many of them just want to look pretty as shown in advertisements and either their senior sisters or mothers. At the same time, I am missing real teenagers, wearing comfortable and cute dresses, giving natural happy face pose, unfiltered photos and natural body weight, now I see many posing very seductive, their talks comprise lot of adult words (vulgar to be precise), they don’ t have fantasy  but dreams to be famous one day, they are maintaining their diet seeing these supermodels, they don’t have idea that dieting might be restrictions of certain food but they do under nutritional specialists while maintaining nutritional value but young generations are avoiding foods that enhance their body development and immunity. Their mind is not occupied by study or books, but they are concerned about ‘social media’ likes, comments, new photos, contemporary photos, makeup products etc. They don’t talk with parents that might keep them grounded but they are very busy using technologies, especially mobiles, either chatting or editing photos. The most depressing thing I hear from them is, they want to be an influencer or some sort of ‘public figure’. I agree name and fame are worth having but it isn’t necessarily everything that kills the real connections of people and enjoyment of the present state of whatever they have now.

The whole concept has changed, ‘happiness’ is gaining maximum number of followers and appreciation, ‘sadness’ is not having enough likes as other friend’s posts, ‘hobby’ is just photography or shopping, ‘holiday’ is just for ‘ beauty products application to post one on Youtube’ and for tours, ‘moments’ are just to be made videos of, ‘mental health’ and ‘real issues’ are solved by being loud on social media(it may play petty role but it needs real logic, real talk and strong convincing power, face to face), ‘beauty’ is just makeup, ‘motivation’ for life is ego, ‘books’ are just Facebook, Instagram and Snapchats and 'dream’ is to be popular. In reality, it is  not as if only it matters in life (it's just a pinch of life) and being a public figure isn’t easy either. I am worried about other girls who are deprived of this privilege of makeup , clothing as they desire, they might get insecure about themselves contributing to poor mental status.

I strongly advocate that if a person is insecure about the way nature has gifted them that generates low confidence and wrong attitude in life, should try artificial blessings of science but if you are normally fine than it is also not important to look like magazine models, it needs a ‘’army’’ to look the way they look and they don’t wake up just like that. You might find having fuller lips, slim nose, lifted cheeks, toned body, big butts and boobs are celebrated by people as beauty standards, then you need to know that beauty standards are changing every day, every moment, so there is nothing to be serious about. Personally, I believe you girls have huge potential, more advanced than  us and can carry yourself very well (with perfect makeup and appearances) but you should also focus on real goals rather than just meeting these beauty standards. A world offers a lot more possibilities and problems than just becoming ‘’ The Perfect Barbie’’. 

"Women need more of you to bring a future world of equal respect in society''.