Quarantine period

Part 2

Dear humans,

The world is in chaos right now. The noble Corona virus is taking its toll over the world. People are just terrified to step outside of their homes. The streets are empty, every shops are closed, doors are locked, windows are closed, drapes have been shut. Although, this isn't a war, people are still living with a fear. They are being locked down in their homes. This is the time we all join our hands and pray to the God and hope this may end very soon.


However, as disheartening as this situation is, I have never been so at peace. I feel, this is the way of nature to slowing down things. For the world that has been going on faster pace, this is her way to slow down the rush so it doesn't  explode. I know it's inhumane to even think about such things right now. But look at the nature these days. Don't you feel, she is smiling a little wider, shining brighter? This might be the worst phase for human kind. But, I just couldn't stop and smile, seeing her this beautiful. Everyday I wake up to the clearer blue sky, the fresher air, a brighter sun. And I might be a little selfish, for being this happy, while people all over the world are dying. However, I tend to forget my pain and sorrow as I see her blooming into a beautiful flower.


Apart from humans, every other creature who has ever lived in this land are flourishing. The birds, the fish, these plants, those green trees. How can it be unseen now that I have seen. I would not want to bore you with all the facts, figures and numbers. We have got Twitter, Facebook and Instagram for the news update. But can we just take a moment, to realize the damage we have been causing to the earth. With the pandemic and the terror this might not be the best time. But it might as well be.Nature reflecting upon herself in the absence of humans. How we have exploited resources, destroyed our very home over the centuries.


So, with the end of this pandemic, let us end the exploitation of mother nature. With the end of this chaos, let us end the suffering and misery of our very own sea and sea creatures. As the doctors find the cure for covid 19,let us find the cure to the destruction we have caused. When we finally walk out of those doors, let us take a step not just to save our lives but also the home we live in. As we shake hands with one another, let us make a deal in saving the animals who have lost their homes because of us. We are the humans, the most intelligent creatures who have ever walked in this very land. I think it's about time we use our intelligence to save the planet just as much to save ourselves.