7 fictional characters and women psychological issues review|Episode 2|Letter

13 Reasons Why is an American teen drama web television series originally developed for Netflix as limited series by Brian Yorkey, based on the 2007 novel Thirteen Reasons Why by Jay Asher.

Short Introduction:"The opposite of a hero is not a villain, it's a bystander."

- Matt Langdon (Hero Roundtable) 

Perhaps the most controversial Netflix original series, "13 Reasons Why" has generated a lot of press, both positive and negative. The series tells the story of Hannah Baker, who dies by suicide before the series open. She then sent out audio tapes providing 13 reasons of why she did it and the people responsible for her wanting to take her life. These reasons include rape, bullying, exclusion, lack of social support, slut-shaming, and bystanders who fail to intervene and help her when she needed them.

                                                                                                                                                             -PSYCHOLOGY TODAY


I will write what I Hannah would  have said if she was strong enough not to give up on life and stood strong to voice out myself.

It's too late to stop after the person is dead. Every thing breaks a person, even small not so attentively said words,they are powerful enough to kill a person's soul. You see me, you don't see my tears, you don't see my pain and struggles, you don't see everyday is a challenge to bear but you are busy judging me, saying I am like this and I'm like that and coming up quickly with the conclusions. Everybody cared, but no one seemed to have cared me enough. Bullying ain't a joke, especially if a person is fighting within oneself's insecurities and hardships. People only seem to remember people when they are dead or they are sick, what if you had given small part of it when I was healthy and fine, I would have bloomed with inner positivity but no, you left my soul to die, my fragile soul to wither every single day. Why don't people say that they appreciate something, why don't they say they loved them as a person, why do they always hide to make people feel they are really cared, one could lost a life because of that silly mistake. If only you had said I was not alone, if only you tried to listen to my unsung pain, if only you stayed a bit longer even I ordered you to stay away, I would be alive seeing this world together.

Did I deserve to die? I died alone but you all died in regrets, in pain, in hatred, in love, in compassion, in tragedy, in defame, in everything, you seem to be empty too.

You all keep flowers on my graveyard. Aren't you aware?Those flowers would die one day, we all will. You murder me with your actions and I don't have courage to forgive you. You know what it feels when you want to say, but you simply can't say it all in words. I felt dead, cold, alone, too afraid to take the pain and too scared to be alive. My past followed, my present haunted, my future seemed hollow, absolutely nothing just like a  black hole where someone else controlled my paths and devasted  my inner, Hannah.

I hear many people complaining social media kills people, but it's not it's always the people either behind the curtains of  social media or roaming freely in front, it's always  'THE PEOPLE'. It was hard to lose everyone of you, Justin, Jessica, Alex, Courtney, Zach...but I tried hard to make you happy and be friend with you all but I failed, you left me all alone with the scars you made on my reputation and my innocence. Marcus, Tony, Bryce... you guys won't know what your small sexist and fun had broke my female soul, it is not as easy as it seems to you boys, to a girl it costs the mental peace and whole life's  existential crisis. I started showing signs of depression, I tried to clear things out with you all but nobody seem to be interested to invest few efforts to it, you all denied, it drove me crazy every time with more destruction within. Then I never gathered confidence to share my feelings because I feared I would get judged,you would call me ''dramatic'',  you said I did it just to seek attention but it was really getting on my head. Your few kind words,your few hours might have saved me.

I needed HELP, I craved for love, I was afraid to be lonely but,

you all made me just, ''FOREVER LONELY''