1.Life and time come up with different colors.For instance, in English, one would say one is "feeling blue" for sad, "red-hot" anger, "green" with envy, "yellow" if afraid (outdated?), black, meaning gloominess, pessimism, gloomy picture as gray"doom-saying)etc.  . These colors swings your mood, bloom with happiness and breaks with sadness. It is to be noted equally that these colors are chosen sometimes by one self and sometimes by the universe itself. Colors, are our part of life that defines our present, past and future life incidents and mental state.

2. Primary colors are red, blue and yellow likewise mind, soul and karma are primary colors that paint our empty canvas of life. In every alley of life, it is not quite certain that they move sideways in harmony. Often, they are always disputing among themselves. Mind calculates one and explains logic, soul gives another intuition and attaches emotionally and spiritually with something and  we happen to do something else. They all are independent among themselves but they are tangled with soul; their true existential. If you are fortunate enough to blend colors beautifully, u come with a piece of art in part of life  but if you are captive  of unfavorable time and association, it brings chaos on life. Our elders and seniors keep on giving us advice and suggestions because they have already  experimented the colors of life, they have mixed them to achieve the objectives. Relating what I read in school, all colors when rotated in high speed  will bring a ultimate color, white. Even in life there is a white color, which can be different for different state of person; it can be enlightenment or pure heart or ultimate of life; the death.

3. Many of the times people come along with different colors, one they show and one they truly are, another might be changed with different persons and situations.Why just blaming others, we, ourselves have a spectrum of personalities, out of which some are dominant so we are expressive and rest are not expressive but we can`t deny the fact that we are mixture of these personality.Different people are different colors of life,we like some colors and we don`t like others. One can have many colors they like.Is it necessary to find perfect color every now and then that completes us and blends well to our personal traits ?Sometimes, In one part of the mind, it feels like,when in Rome act like a Romans, in another part I think be with the people with whose color you can create a rainbow and for the rest let them be the way they want.  

4.Since my childhood I was always admirer of bright beautiful colors that implies on my moods as well(you know what I mean),But why we wish for only bright colors and beautiful paintings? Why not a messed up painting? Why is there such a hesitation? Why are we too selfish and obsessed with  it? Does our eye only want to see a mesmerizing portrait canvas? It remains unanswered however there is nothing as 'perfect' in life, everything is just a matter of coincidence. That`s why and where the true beauty of life lies. 'JUST GO WITH THE FLOW' is one phrase quite enough to taste the 'sweet-and -bitter' life.

5.Life is an art, so dear artists be ready to paint life the way you want to and what portrait you want of yours after your death. Trust me, it`s going to be amazing because your bonus point is that you are yourself the artist and all copyrights are reserved to yourself. Whatever color it might be you should try to shine bright. Let`s not calculate which proportion is applicable for 'perfect' portrait because there is nothing as 'so called perfect in life'.At the end of the day,who really cares, because LIFE IS ALL ABOUT EXPERIENCE AND EXPERIMENTS, isn`t it? ( ending with the smile)