Good things that followed since I started writing


It’s been more than a year since I started writing a blog. I still remember I had no clue what I was going to write, will I give continuity to the blog or will quit in the middle, can I even write?  However, I didn’t start writing just after I made the account in Rewinding those days, I recall saving a little amount of money, probably Rs. 5 or 10, money received in Dashain to buy a short diary that looked extremely elegant for writing. I had very few friends and I had no siblings to share my feelings with. That's why I used to write my suppressed emotions in there. But writing anything and sharing with a bunch of people on social media platforms was something I could never imagine daring till the day when I posted my first blog because I was just so intimidated about writings. When someone gives compliments regarding writing, I still can’t figure out how to respond since I myself feel I am not worthy enough still to be celebrated.

I haven’t achieved a huge milestone in writing, I am still struggling with basic but whatever I have received after writing I am content. 

Introspection: We go through different plights in our life followed by its own mood and emotions. Oftentimes we go through existential crises. Whenever I write on a certain topic 95% of it is fiction, however, it still gives me a crystal clear detail about the mental introspection about the acts, feelings, and impact. It isn’t necessary to just write about your feelings, it can be about everything like a lifestyle blog, photography blog, just everything one is passionate about. Mine is more inclined towards psychological ones and random subjects as per I wish. Writing really gives freedom to the imagination and I love it. It is a powerful filter when it comes to refining emotions.

Academics: People think that once you start writing you have to be totally dedicated, you have to write every now and then. If writing makes you happy, you don’t manage time for it, it just happens. I don’t know how undergraduate students study but for me, it’s more like reading once a year and writing only in the exam hall after almost a year. For someone as lazy as me, it would have been quite a hurdle to process words inside the brain and portray them in the exam answer sheet. This fear has been somehow removed by the habit of writing blogs. 

Money: Being a full-time student, it itself is a demanding criterion. Thinking about money-making is a distant task. For me personally, since I like observing and spilling in words I think writing is one of the best freelancing jobs one can ever do. (I know I am biased on this) but for someone passionate about something else can still use the blog as a powerful weapon of communication. Once you decide to ace or struggle in the race to ace in writing, you can still have a small source for pocket money. In addition, you can also jump to content writing where you will be able to earn even better than blogs in a professional way(at least in the case of Nepal).

Friend: Each individual is different, they might act alike but they aren't the same. When you are living on the same planet and have some sort of same drive for basic things, things don’t go as per wish. Writing can be your friend that has literally no demands and complaints and when one re-reads the same writing time and again after a few times, s/he begin realizing what went wrong. A friend that you can keep so close because it reflects your mistakes or the circumstances in a better, beautiful, and non-hurting way.

Stimulating creativity: Many ideas circulate through our brain but we don’t pay much attention to them. Once, it will arrive with stronger energy, then lesser ultimately it just disappears if you don’t pay any consideration to it. We are often living life like a sheep, the rules that are being formulated for us, the structural methods designed way back, social systems, and everything. This has been my personal experience that once you start writing, you start putting out opinions, the logic behind it, debate with your own logic, come to conclusions, or at least to someplace close to that in the most creative procedure.

Records: Can you remember the best and worst days of your life? Probably you can, but what about the series of turning points in your life, deviations from your life philosophies, changes in various stages of life on all possible aspects? It’s not possible to recall all those but once you start writing a blog you start urging yourself to write about that and share it with people so your piece of writing has strong power to change the way people perceive things. Not convincing enough? Well, what do you think about religious texts that the world is being driven and with what societal structures are governed?

Influence to read: The best advice my friend gave me was,  ‘’To write better, you need to read’’. It’s not solely based on getting inspired but also to think a step different from what the world thinks. Some people said it rightly that books are the skipped step in the life of people that they spent their whole life to discover that is being presented to you. Reading has various other benefits but for a struggling writer like me, it gave me a lucid view of how words are illustrated, what strikes the reader, how to characterize your thought process in writings, what can be possible resistances to your thoughts, how can you strongly prove your points, how to draw fictional characters that look so realistic and so on.

Previously, I used to post my opinions, introspections, and knowledge on Instagram. My decisions hit into blog-writing when I realized that it was even more powerful to people connected to you and not connected personally. I think I made the right decision although it was pretty late. I had my classmates who had writings even more admirable than mine. But that didn’t stop me, I know that my writings are not that good ( I am not being modest here) but after I tried blogging, I noticed some people can really reflect their voice with my writings, which inspire me every day. 

It has been one of the best therapies for my mind and soul and I love it.