My Childhood

Topic: My Childhood
Poetic form: Free verse

-The sweetest time,
The sweetest time at where I used to cry,
Annoying, irritating, fearful and shy,
The time at when I used to live in confusion,
I completed my days just with illusion.

-I am recalling,
I am recalling cause my thoughts are change,
These days seems like so strange,
This world is beyond my childhood,
This time is a downright falsehood.

-I was wondering.
I was wondering if I had different world,
Nowadays my happiness are being hurled,
I was wondering if I had  chosen way,
I am only remembering those beautiful days,

- That time,
That time where I lost my innocence,
I lost my real self,
I can't forget those memory,
I am not going to get these in century.