Legend Of the Fall

Legend Of The Fall


"Mama the fire is dead

The house is burning

And it's winter so it's cold."


"Oh my sweet summer child

I've seen houses burn in the rain"


"Mama, when the heaven cries

Would Lucifer be laughing ?"


"Oh my little fairy

The devil doesn't laugh

It stares with his head held low"


"Why is his head low, mama?"


"Oh my child, he climbed too high 

and higher the climb greater the fall

greater the fall, broken is the spirit" 


"But mama, how come his spirit is broken ?

Isn't he the king?

Despite what he rules, a king is still a king.

Right mama ?"


"I pity you my child,

Let me first tell you the story of lucifer

I shall call him the legend of the fall

Now, pay attention my child"


"If I fall asleep, wake me up mama

It's cold outside, wrap me upon your arms

If i sleep, i might dream

And in winter, dreams are cold too."


“Oh my dear child, come closer

Let me wrap you around my heart

Oh how icy your hands, how fiery your heart

And how bitterly it aches”


In the realm of god, a star was born

A Morningstar, so bright

With love of god and full of might

Question stirred with passion’s art

Why does happiness come and depart ?

Why just humans had to part ?

Why is heaven a rampart ?


Why should god control their fates ?

Does that make them free or slaves ?

Saw the truth and the freedom craved

His heart withdrew, injustice felt.


Oh my dear child, the madness and sin

A heart of treachery, and rebellion within

Oh then- my child, heavens engulfed in fire

God clipped his wings, fueled by ire


For he fell deep and hard, 

Shattered his own, soul apart

Then the angels unveiled the freak

And with evilness his soul reeked


Oh and how he felt, when he fell ?

Oh, the weight of regret in his heart did dwell,

Despite the tears and the rage

Never could hide his tears so well.


"But mama, Lucifer was loving,

His care for humans, ever proving.

Why would God punish love's embrace,

And cast him out from heavenly grace?"


My dear child, with Lucifer a love was born

And shadow and misery on the dawn

Should’ve been balanced, guided and right

With madness and love, hate does thrive


But mama, even in darkness

Only love can show the light

I'm afraid to love if hate thrives

It makes one climb self-made skies


Oh dear, how well you listened

Remember well this tale of woe,

In Lucifer's fall, a lesson told,

Of love distorted, and hatred hold.


©Shital Nyaupane