My Father

Dear Father,

Your ankle, skull, Temple, shoulder and wrist. Yes I know, they always feel a sort of lethargy due to works. Your lean face can explain the story behind you, those hardworking, sacrifices, dedication, vision and devotions.

You do anything without a fear. You are strong enough just you have to serve us. You don't frightened with crackling, hissing, gurgling, lapping and ripping sounds.

You the who by whom, An adore for the son and daughter. You love us more than you do for you yourself.

Baba, your politeness, appearances, generosity win the heart of everyone. Literally, I do know,How you explore,expose and express. Your important motto of your life is "Simple Living High Thinking".

Me your daughter, you always support and encourage me to do each and everything which bi can do according to my strength. No matter whether it's to write a poem, or it's the entrance examination regarding to the schlorship.

I know, you always carry one problem that you always suppress the pain, you resist it, hide it. For me, this is really hard and impossible. "How you can suppress each pain and sorrow for your children."

Despite all pain, You deserve Happiness. I am here to make you happy forever. Baba, I am going to put my every success on your hands. I am ready to do anything for you and your happiness.

Dear Baba, I have lots of words to explain and expose because I can extol.But I've nothing to explore & express because I can't envisage.

You, a true friend, flawless guider, perfect teacher and an excellent leader. You are painstaking. Nothing is there, more than an ideal father.

Yes, fortunate is the person who has a best father and I always consider it is my great fortune to have a perfect man like you.

Love you lots.