Vijaya Dashami 2077

Vijaya Dashami 2077

Let's share & forget previous troubles.

Today it's 2077/07/10, it's Monday, it's vijaya dashami; a festival which is celebrated , as per myths Maa Durga killed Mahisasur; A terrible demon who gave lots of pain to the people along with God/goddess. Also, lord Ram finished his enemy as well as the demon king Rawan due to the blessings of Durga.

Due to this Corona pandemic lots of people are in heavy stress, but due to this national and great festival Dashain, people redeem their entire stress and boredom due to lockdown and even forget their ill feelings.

On this auspicious day people extend their cordial hands of cooperation and brotherhood.

Personally, I celebrated this festival with my family. The day was joyful and peaceful.

My parents put tika and jamara on my forehead and head respectively. I got lots of blessings from my superiors.

On previous year we used to do to the home of our relatives.

But this year we cancelled all the plans due to this pandemic.

And it's absolutely fine.

We should celebrate this festival with applying all health measures. But the great thing is we should stay at our home.

Let's share & forget previous troubles. stay safe and happy.

Happy Dashain.