"Yes,We Met"

The Covid-19 pandemic struck the world since January 2020 AD in China and Western countries. It followed in Nepal since April. The government announced lockdown and it continues till today, hope it will end soon. But, here I am not going to describe the effect of corona instead will mention a special person whom I met in this period of lockdown. Aren’t you amazed? How can I meet someone really special to me while the whole world was in lockdown? You may think that in the modern era it is easy to meet someone through social media. If I had to find someone special via social media then I would have met before and spent time with the person but look I found someone who cares about me the most, who understands me a lot and sometimes annoy me to the fullest.

                  Our first meeting was too memorable because we met at the time when all other people were busy spending their time with their family or watching movies or series. Although we two might have been out of such stuff, fate led us to encounter each other. I remember our first conservation, it wasn’t usual. The first question to me was, are you happy with your life? It was weird because first-time conversations do not go usually like that. How was I supposed to answer such questions to a stranger in the very first conversation? At that time I knew it would be hard for me to carry on this conversation. It seemed like the person wasn’t interested in knowing my name or what I was up to? Isn’t awkward? Meeting an unknown person and the first conversation was too complex than usual, I literally got confused. And I refused to answer the question. As soon as I tried to reply to the query, the next question followed are you the same one you used to be? The person said,” I know you now very well and what you are trying to be .” I smiled and thought the person was over-confident now. The queries were beyond my expectation from a person who had known me just a moment before. Again, the person said,” Look I may have met you before and asked this question to you but why I have chosen the time of lockdown, you never had time for me when the time was normal, I tried to meet you and want to have a conversation with you.”

              Certainly, I felt I am not the one who walks away from someone who wants to meet me. The person might have been acting more emotionally and break me down. Throughout this conversation, I chose to listen and kept quite. ”I am the one who wants to be with you.” The person uttered this sentence breaking the silence of our conversation. Alas! what is going on I felt quite amazed. To hear these words from someone whom you never met before. Then, I thought let me remind I might have known the person along ago or may have met casually somewhere. But the answer was ‘No’. Again breaking the silence the person sang a beautiful song for me “I am always there for you, always here for you, when you need some to cry on, someone to reply on, I am here for you.” The tears just poured out of eyes listening to these words. I thanked the person heartily. The person continued,” Follow your dream, be what you are but remember whenever you feel alone, please do not hesitate to call me up but I know you will not come to meet me or you will not talk with me instead you will keep all your emotions with  yourself but no matter how hard it will be for me, whenever I think that you need me I will come to you and make feel you special.”   Before I could reply to something the person said,” Goodbye to the one who is the dearest, nearest and annoying to me, we will not meet soon but remember my last words of conversation, I live my life for you man.” This was the last words of the most special person that I met in my lifetime. My heart said to me why I ignored someone who knows me so well and wants to be with me.

          Don’t you feel who might the special one to me? Whom I met at the time of lockdown without any link in social media. You might think the person might be my neighbor or within my society who I had ignored. In fact, nearer than a neighbor and out of the social media and world, the special person was not other than my inner soul whom I ignored in these all years. I never tried to have a conversation and asked what it felt about me. Look how we all in our life try to understand others, wants to spend time with them. But, we never tried to meet our inner soul who knows us better than anyone else. An inner soul is one the best fellow of our life; it is the most shadowed friend in our life who moves with us in the long journey of our short life. I felt glad to meet my special person in the time when I needed the most; I wish it will come soon to meet me again. Sometimes fate knew something that we didn’t and yes we met.


                                                                            Penned by NPrakash Thapa       


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