Women, do rise like a phoenix

Another news of acid attack, I don’t know what number of acid attacks I have heard till date, but at least once a month in the news. Acid attack cases always scared me as a child and even today but still it was just a number to me till today, when I found out the victim turned out to be my friend’s sister. We never act till it knocks our door, do we? I always have a lot of disappointments, aggression and pain when I hear these news, because they make me feel insecure, suffocating and always mocks me as if my life is just ‘something’ that has potential to be ‘nothing’ and only a simple anger and frustration can turn me into ‘nothing’. This is the 21st century, people are educated, aware, have communication facilities, social organizations are growing everywhere but what direction is my society heading to? News of domestic violence,rape cases, gender inequality, public harassment, acid attacks make headlines everyday and they don’t happen in rural area alone, urban area has equal or even more share of this inhumanity. Recently, a daughter-in-law was murdered brutally by her in-laws. In addition to this, latest news of  verdict to commute a wife murder’s sentence eroded my trust on judiciary.  I  knew society is patriarchal but never thought even the judiciary system was patriarchal. The  justice law scale tilted towards the patriarchy and the blind- folded woman carrying this justice scale always felt ashamed of being raped, attacked with acids, harassed, bullied, trolled yet justice is forever denied to her.

To all the girls, I know it’s hard to ‘fly’ with freedom because you are always caged with restrictions and futile responsibilities, your ‘wings’ are cut off with a hollow masculinity of males and you're wounded with harsh criticism of the society. World is harsh to women always, it always has always been. Only women are witches, they can be beaten in front of mass and forced to eat shit, only women are bitches, men having polygamy and committing adultery are clean, only women are responsible to bring ‘bad omen’ in house, she is the cause of accident of her husband( in Sushmita’s case), only women had to go ‘sati” (burning in the pyre of husband) and men can enjoy polygamy, only women are to be disciplined,women are prone to rape threats, honor killing, acid attacks, only women are to be silent to be a good ‘daughter-in-law’ to bring prosperity, voicing out opinion is the sign of being ‘’oversmart’’, only woman should give ‘Agniparikshya’ only women are ‘untouchable’ and is restricted to have a normal biological cycle of 'menstruation'. Women are probably the one creature who never gets accepted as their own neither on their own family nor on her in-laws family, she is of nowhere, she doesn’t have her own identity, she can’t keep her birth surname, she can’t continue her family ‘chronology’, she should be dealt in dowry as per the son-in-law demand to sell their daughters (especially in Terai region of Nepal), only women begetting ‘son’ is pious and lucky thing as a mother, these are just few examples, there are a lot of things that makes a woman realise she is nothing without a man. But ‘men’ only underestimated them, they don’t take women's opinions seriously and when they realise they are actually worth it they will just  become narcissistic.

I always compared women with  phoenix, as a mythological creature who gets a new life by arising from the ashes of its predecessors, women should always forget all her ambitions. sufferings of injustices, harshness, brutality, threats, fear, anxiety, to brighten up the environment in house in adjustments, she is basically living in the ashes of her dreams and desires destroyed by the stereotypes. She can be heavily trolled for an exposed body in a crop T-shirt but this ‘roar’ cannot be seen for justice to the woman victim. Women are always made to play the ‘victim role’ in her life. Till when shall we remain silent and sing hymns,‘’GO WITH THE FLOW BABY, GO WITH THE FLOW’’. You need to work everyday to make a better tomorrow, be limitless and be irreplaceable. To these men with fragile masculinity, you don’t have any right to change the fate of a girl by pouring your insecurity and poor mentality plastered with masculinity. If you can’t earn love, don’t you even dare spreading scars.