Everyone is beautiful in their own way❤️.

Some might be fat or skinny or fair or dark.

Judging anyone by outer surface is unfair.

We always see outer beauty because it is the first thing to which we are attracted.

This is human nature.

But outer beauty fades one day, the thing which remain with us is inner beauty ❤️.

Everytime we meet a person it's quite tough to find their inner beauty because deciding someone's personality in short time is a difficult task. So it's better to don't pass bad comments on anyone.

The real beauty lies in your heart 💓.

If you can't be someone reason to smile then please don't be  reason to their sadness.

You feel happy after passing these comments but believe me it shatters them into pieces. 

They start to questioning themselves 😔 and feel bad about them . 

The skin colour, your size and shape doesn't define your beauty ❤️ 

Please be someone's reason to smile may they need this. 

Let's not pass any comments on appearance .

Your heart beauty decides you are beautiful or not🤗. 

Let's change our concept and this time i will start from myself 😄🤗.