When I was a little girl, I had fantasy about living in the magical world. I still remember it vividly. I was the princess in her beautiful ball gown, a crown in my perfectly braided hair. I would step outside the castle and be awestruck by the breath taking view. My kingdom was my reticence. When I was creating my world, I paid pinpoint attention to every single details.


To begin with, my kingdom lied in a far way land, where trees were greener than you had ever seen, flowers were more colorful and blossomed more than you can imagine. The forest was covered with big tall trees, small bushes and hundreds of different flowers. Each flower having an elegant aura. Whole land was filled with scent of individual flora. No land was barren. My castle lied in the midst of the dense forest. The very forest in which mythical creatures lived. There was a big stream flowing by. It separated my land from the another. Two lands were connected by small wooden bridge. However, I could never find myself walking down to the edge and crossing that bridge. Also, there was a lake where swans used to swim. Many birds came and left and I just kept watching.


The castle was made of trees and leaves. It's windows were made up of shiny glass. When the first ray of sun lay upon the castle, it sparked as if it was the castle of diamonds. The doors were arched and decorated with yellow and white roses. The windows were perfectly lined with Lilies and jasmine, the floors were wooden paved and fairly polished.


My world was my happy place. But I found myself staring at the lake while the seasons changed. From spring to autumn and autumn to winter. Leaves fell and soon enough the green forest became dull. It always saddened me. And every time I gathered up the courage to cross the bridge, to see the other side, I got attacked by giants and I withdrew. Nevertheless, my yearning to explore the other side grew stronger every day.


Years later, when I look back, I find a lot of similarities between the world that I created and the one where I live in. One thing I learned was, change is inevitable. The faster you accept this fact, the easier your life gets. I kept watching seasons change feeling heart broken, devastated like a floating spirit with nowhere to go. In real life as well, there comes a time, when things change, circumstances change. And it is not your fault, nor is it under your control. The faster you accept this veracity the better you adopt.


I realized, the stream I struggled to cross wasn't as immense as I thought. The giants were actually harmless and the bridge was a common ground where I could have easily walked off. The only thing that stopped me from getting to the other side was myself. The fear of uncertainty did not let me take the risk and nor did I had courage for it.


I understood most of the time my problems are not as abundant as I imagined. Time is unstoppable and change is undeniable. When you are stubborn not to change yourself, that's when you create restrictions. When you change what you believe, you can change what you do. Noticing small changes early, helps you adopt to bigger changes that are to come. Next thing I learned was, you need to take the risk and take your chances to fulfill your dreams, your desire. Everything is impossible when you believe it is impossible. When you start to believe in yourself and work on your desire, there is no one who can stop you. As it is said, the only way to go, once you hit rock bottom, is up!