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The Game of Hide & Slit

Active 10 hours ago, active 4 hours ago, active 20 minutes ago...where are You, perfectly in hiding?

Active 3 days ago, 'you can't reply to this conversation'...Where. Are. You.

You beautiful beast?

And i am here, losing, constantly in a fight, stalking, sulking in silence

tumbling, tossing, up all night.

What does it take?

Should we be awfully drunk or dying of a sickness?

Will then, the lying, hiding game end

and Will we utter at last,

The goddamn words

That's always been there

In our voluntarily obstructed throat?

But then of course, why would You

When you got matters bigger than me?

By all means, turn Your back

i'll be the same kind of okay again.

One final request before i let You be:

teach me, teach me, oh teach me please

this a(m/b)using game of hide and slit.

hear me out, oh beautiful beast.

this isn't for or about You

this is about me

these are just strips

from my online research.

You mustn't think me

an unkind creature.

these are but words.

Like i, they shan't mean much.

#random #relatable (#f_unfiction)

From once upon a time!

The Game of Hide & Slit