Creativity:  An art of self-expression

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What is creativity? Is it an innate quality or something else? Are certain groups of people such as artists or musicians only possess this quality or do we all have it inside us? All of these questions merit answers that I would like to reveal in my conventional yet unconventional way of writing.

Every time I start thinking about creativity, a popular quote from Martin Luther King Jr. hits my mind, “As my sufferings mounted I soon realized that there were two ways in which I could respond to my situation — either to react with bitterness or seek to transform the suffering into a creative force. I decided to follow the latter course."

The choice of following this quote may have formed during the adolescent phase of my life but was strongly influenced by my childhood. Remember the magnificent bygone days when we were little children? We tried so much to be creative each day for making ourselves jovial. Using clay or dough to shape kitchen accessories was so childish yet eco-friendly. Similarly, our style was to groove in any tune was our style and so draw any irregular shape and scale without a sign of hesitation. Our silly ideas added more solutions to our larger problems than life yet making us cheerful even though failing at times. 

We grew up and started losing the imaginative child within us over time. We became too reliant on the opinions of others about the choice we make or the decisions we reach. The stick figure we drew as a child was, at least to us, perfect back then. However, if somebody asks us to draw the same now, we hesitate. Why? Whenever we are asked to unleash the child inside us, we step back. We fear the scenario where people do not appreciate what we do. All of this happens as we continue to equate ourselves to other people who are considered to be a veteran in the creative sector.  

With growing globalization and development we are becoming more aware about the external world than the world within us. But what we should always keep in mind is that mental health has a very crucial aspect of our lives because it influences the way we think, feel and behave in our everyday life. In influences how we perceive the existing stressors in our life and how we behave to cope up with those. Researchers have also found that tendency to repress emotions, unhealthy expressions and coping can lead to different mental health issues.

Art, crafts and creative activities have always been a way for self to express my feelings. They are likewise my biggest stress-buster. The days when I become frustrated with the world and have trillions of thoughts revolving inside my head, I prefer to indulge myself in a basic yet creative task. Involvement such as this helps me explore more ways to manage my stress and help calm myself down. As a result, I come up with better solutions to my problems.

The colorful palettes that add beauty to our little drawings, the balls of yarn to design some woolen items, musical instruments to compose some kind of music, diary and pen to jot down the swirl of our emotions, a pair of scissors and some papers to create flowers, even a molding clay to form tiny objects and everything that helps us to convey our feelings can be used to bring out endless creative ideas. Also, it gives us the feeling of reliving our life's carefree days when we were short of vocabulary but rich in creativity.

Creativity can be found in any form and should not be attributed to a specific group of people. Our art or artistic activities should not be perfect but keep you contented. Not only these creative tasks provide you recreation but they also help to seek unique and creative solutions to various problems in our life. We bring out our internal thoughts while doing creative tasks, and communicate them in several ways. As a result, more ideas evolve that embellish our expression and finally we reach the level of satisfaction. 

All in all, there are multiple emotional difficulties and stress that restrict us to positively convey our emotions and instead come out in the form of irritation, isolation and the like. However, if we engage ourselves in creative activities, it will help us notice, express and then heal unknown emotions such as a trivial disagreement with the partner, or even a morning argument with a bus driver, or any minor problems that can lead to negative emotions that ultimately develop as a complex negative reaction and makes our lives difficult to sustain. Therefore, creativity allows one to find noble solutions to noble problems. 

Are you ready to reflect on your creativity?