Kindling the spirit


Kindling the spirit

I am an amateur writer; just at beginners phase. Sometimes, I am deeply immersed in this simple yet intense question: what makes anyone a writer? Is it someone whose work is officially published? Or, is it anyone who writes; no matter how efficient (or not) their work is, which again leads me to another question: what sets the standard of a ‘good’ writing? The parameters to gauge the competence again vary largely and so does the perception and impact any writing has on each individual.

It has happened to me that sometimes I lose my confidence as I go through pieces of writing from other people; the fancy words they use in an appealing fashion that I so wish could do myself, the pure aesthetics reflected in their writing, how effortlessly (at least that’s how it appears) they let their thoughts flow leaving the readers completely spellbound. And then, I have a closer look at my piece only to find out that it requires so much finishing and refining. There are also instances where I endeavor to put together my ideas but it ends up turning so absurd which sadly puts me off writing further. At certain times during editing, it feels like my ugly draft isn’t even worth a try.

Hasn’t it ever occurred to you that you write so flawless in your head with ideas flowing smoothly and when you actually grab your pen you come up with nothing as accurate or satisfying?

Have you also been procrastinating your writing because you think your ideas are too insignificant and you are waiting for that one striking idea to hit your mind?

Here is what I have to say to all the aspirant writers who are doubting themselves: Just start. Scribble. Edit. Write again. Cut it out. But begin. Yeah, that’s the most important thing here. You will yourself be taken aback with what you are capable of once you kick start. Write your heart out. Don’t be afraid to make mistakes, of course it happens. Take constructive feedback about your writing and you will be improving yourself over time. But begin. Its undeniably challenging but once you start it feels good.  It is also equally important that you do a lot of reading together with writing. Reading and writing should go hand in hand. Reading helps you to gather new knowledge, explore more ideas and most importantly broaden your horizon. It is true that what you read right before you write might influence your piece in a certain unintended manner but the benefits of reading far outweigh this avoidable effect. Inspiration to write can come from anywhere and at anytime. As ridiculous as it may sound, I often catch myself waking up in the middle of night with some random ideas bursting out of nowhere. And surprisingly enough, those thoughts make sense too.

You don’t know how to put your writing in an exceptionally fascinating way? Keep it simple.

You feel like you aren’t articulating clearly, that what you have scribbled there isn’t doing justice to the sound ideas you have in your head? Keep trying. Every big thing takes time and effort.

You come across a similar piece of writing as you were planning to work on? Just go ahead and still write it. The idea might be the same but how you present it makes it yours.

You are disappointed with the less than anticipated spectrum of readers your piece has reached? It is completely okay. Yes, appreciation of the hard work and dedication you put into your writing gives a lot of encouragement. But, not getting enough viewers doesn’t make you any less of a writer.

 So just keep writing with your own style. Often, you feel the pressure to try a different genre or adopt a new style so not to bore the readers. But its not likely to work that way. What I’ve realized is. it has to come from within. You are doing great with the way you write. It’s necessary to be patient with yourself and give that work the continuity. Its only the matter of time before your writing comes in the form you are striving for. All you need to do is not giving up and keep going. Every small effort you make will reap later.

Usually after I am done with my piece, there is this unrivaled sense of amusement I feel; like I just extricated myself from these emotions clenched within. Writing is an art. It is a way of expressing yourself.  I write because it feels the only comfortable way to express my emotions. I write because I can speak the rhythm my heart dances to when I’m elated with joy.  I write so that I can set loose the disturbing irrelevant thoughts running wildly in my mind in the loneliest hours. I write because I can ventilate those dark painful vibes I get when I am down.

Write because you are passionate about it. Write simply because you want to.

Happy writing!!