7 fictional characters and women psychological issues review|Episode 1|Character 1

Netflix movie, Sierra Burgess is a loser: Insecurity about looks

Short Introduction: Sierra is a teenage girl who is carefree about the way she looks however her life brings a new twist with low key fun made by a popular girl. She is obese, not with good face cut and with rashes on the body. However her parents are quite popular names especially her mother is slim and beautiful at that age as well. So basically she feels insecure about how other girls look and her mother. She feels quite intimidated with her father as well because he is a very famous writer and she doesn't consider herself confident about her writing.

''Girl is so dramatic you know, my sister just screamed early morning. I had to wake up thinking somebody was in big trouble but I found out the reason was she had a pimple and she was nagging all morning about how pimple shall spoil her face in her welcome program. Why are girls so obsessed with their looks? It's disgusting.''

''Hey, I am dating a girl'', a boy says then the boy's gang start the flood of questions which commonly starts with,'' Is she pretty?'' and everything about the story has the effect of the beauty she has, being either, so-called 'blessed' with or so-called 'cursed'.

That's what we all say and merely by just boys, isn't it? Is physical appearance that important? If you ask me I would say NO, it's not everything you know right,'' Beauty catches the attention and character catches the heart'', but when your brother shows you the photograph of girl that he will be marrying, we just jump into her appearance and start giving the comments on the way she is. That is real to us.

No matter how much pretty a girl is, she always has complaints about the physical appearance like having flawed skin, skin tone, hair types, height, body weight, nails and so on. And girls especially teenage girls like Sierra, I totally understand how much look deceive your inner personality and coming up to the people to show hidden talent because people don't bother to witness the potential if the person is so-called ''ugly''.Girls are always seen whining about their looks and they completely mess up life one after another. (Do you remember how confident you were while going to the party but then you suddenly see a very pretty, alluring girl with a shimmering dress and perfectly crafted body that you start feeling anxiety about yourself, just like that, suddenly. Naturally, girls develop a lack of self-esteem when they are not confident about their looks and they struggle with it, every day, I guess right now reading this many of you are struggling with it.

Seeing a mirror every day is a real struggle to any girl because we see nothing that our loved ones see, we only see things we don't have, our so-called flaws. You see a random beautiful girl and then start grooming yourself in front of your boyfriend so that your boyfriend's attention compass doesn't deflect other ways. I wouldn't like to blame boys or girls for being harsh to the people around who are constantly dealing with insecurities because it's human nature to get driven by something more alluring than the less. These Instagram models and celebrities keep on posting so happy and happening life around and every other girl would feel anxious about how ''perfect'' she looks and how happy she must be. That kind of makes most girls in the world sick of their appearance because it's hitting them constantly. We always have this fear of being tagged as something or named something on the basis of ''lookism'', one example can be body shaming. According to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS), almost  18 million people underwent surgical and minimally invasive cosmetic procedures in the United States in 2018. The findings showed that women who rated their self-esteem, life satisfaction, and attractiveness as low, had few religious beliefs, and had high media exposure were more likely to undergo cosmetic surgery.

Is this all about how the partner sees or lack of confidence?According to psychology today, truth is that women’s insecurity about their appearance is driven by  Competition with other women for various psychological insecurity as less ability to attract men,to look superior or merely just not feeling confident about self-existence and are constantly bothered about how they look the way they are that no boy can create poems and songs out of them.

Do you feel ugly? Do you want to change something from your body? I know how you are going to answer,'' No, I am perfectly okay with whatever I am but deep inside you all have one part you don't find complimenting your overall look''.I agree with one line of the song,'' No scars to your beautiful, we are stars and we are beautiful''. But sometimes we all feel so ugly about how we look, I do too. Seeing all beautiful girls out there and comparing myself to them makes us feel I have one more problem in life out of nowhere, and in addition when I see the whole bunch of people comparing one girl with other girls next door that really depresses. Can you do anything about your look?''You are ugly'', one person said to me. I was so angry but then day by day I felt not stepping out of the home but after months I started accepting how I look, maybe ugly because I can't help it or change it the way I look so I just gave up on proving that I was beautiful. Then I started making myself ''Ugly beauty'', then after loving and appreciating the way I looked the charm that came from within and the glow was priceless, I began to find the flow of happiness and satisfaction flowing that made me feel ''infinite''.

I am ugly, so am I,

I don't behave a certain way, so will I,

I didn't choose my appearance to live with it the way I do,

But I can definitely create a life beyond my looks and everyone would just woo.

Then I remembered something, the grass truly is never greener on the other side too.