The Q-time

For those, who have had the privilege to go to work, school, return back home safe, celebrate the weekend in theatres or mountains, and meet friends and families, a lock-down situation like this is not easy. Even though staying home relaxed had been the wish for many, when have come true must not have been so pleasant. You must have always wanted to cook your favourite food which required lots of time and still there might not be sufficient ingredients in your home but still, there are foods in stock you can eat. Some of you wanted to sleep all day and just wake up in between to pee. Or even you might not need to go to the toilet because all you have done is sleep. Others, I am sure, wanted to watch the Netflix series, read favourite books, decorate rooms, do gardening, spend all day with your pets, face time with your partner who stays overseas and the list goes on. How all of us must have wished for whatever ABC things we wanted to do badly but never had the time. We still have a roof above our heads, foods in our store, and lights in the nights, clothes on our closet, and the world in our hands. The only thing that’s missing is the movement. With this restriction of movement, how wonderfully we still are able to click pictures sitting under the sun, on the balcony, of our loved ones, comment on old memories and laugh at corona and quarantine memes. Privileged, still we are. This has been such a big deal for the world staying inside the house, house where we are safe.

Now, I call it a privilege for me at least. Knowing someone else can not fit perfectly into other’s shoes, as I just sit inside comfortably on the bed, my mind kept wandering around those going /had gone through situations I could not even dare to imagine. Lock-down for years not knowing what is it but rather accepting life happens to everyone this way. Life is more uncertain than the corona. A vaccine will probably be invented to cure this over a period of time, there is hope and the world is together to make this happen, singing their anthems, playing guitars and drums and so on. I wondered, did the world ever come together to invent a vaccine for freedom and spreading wisdom with love and compassion. I also wondered if they ever clicked and shared pictures of their lock-down where they had no food to eat, schools to read, stories to share and the environment to even breathe.

Next, the creatures on this planet. Lucky are those wild, who live in jungles with their mothers hunting for food as they did before. Tiger said to me “I don’t want my food served until I am too old to hunt,” and what you feel as a visit is actually a lock-down for us.” I realised going out on the weekend to get a caption: hashtag fun at the zoo with the tiger. It was only later I discovered that he was not having fun. Dogs and cats, parrots and sparrows and many more in the cage for years that they lost their courage to fly even when freed. I received a letter this morning from the slaughterhouse telling me to spread the message ‘Live and let live!’

It goes on, the air feels lighter, the coat of the dust and smoke on the leaves I see no more, my window glass crystalline enough, I gaze upon my balcony shining. The tires of your vehicle roll no more allowing the road and the engines to cool. I received an answer. Everything is at its best when the universe makes you sit inside letting the Himalayas shine brighter and the rivers flow faster.

Moving on, here are a few facts that some of us had not known in years: Well, we can breathe, bend, close our eyes in wakefulness and above all, can clean the clumps of dust particles everywhere around the corners. Most importantly, this is the time to clean our blood passing along the veins. Summing up, Q for quarantine is the time our lives get redefined.