Moving on is not how people explain it to you

Moving on is not how people explain it to you. It is not easy, no it is not. Even how many times I tell you moving on is a matter of choice, unless its your own thoughts driving you, you will never come out of the situation.

Leaving you wasn’t easy. I tried convincing myself for the several months that you are the one for me. I tired gaining same old love I had for you. I tried recalling all the memories, good ones and the best ones. But I couldn’t.

All my attempts were failed. All my trying was proving me wrong. I couldn’t build the old base we had, or I had at least for you and this relationship. 

Even the day when I decided to end it all had so many thinking inside me.

“Is it right?”

“will it will be okay?”

And so many.

 I was fighting with my inner me but at the last, I lost. 

  Coming up to you, seeing your face and saying “I don’t love you anymore” was the last thing I was expecting to do.

But not all expectations are true.

I was standing Infront of you, and confirming that my love wasn’t same for you anymore.

Ending the relationship and going back home wasn’t same like every day.

Waking up in the morning, and realizing a lot of things changed and will be changing was not easy to accept. 

Each day accepting a little truth of me hurting you was hard to digest.

But times heals.

Does it?

Oh, it doesn’t.

It is not healing the things but it surely makes us stronger, stronger to know and accept the truth. 

 Now, I know things will be better, you will be better without me.

Leaving you was the only good thing I could have done.

Binding you with my fake love wasn’t something you deserve. 

You deserve all of the love you gave, but it was from you.

You deserve more than me!