The love|Boy's part|Moving on note from second week


People are walking,laughing,enjoying and ecstatic but I think they are being disingenuous and counterfeit in this world at least not to my situation. I am aware I'm also faking it up,all of it especially behavior that suggest I'm doing okay,I am not(I'm not).Never imagined my body has absorbed you as a addiction to my nervous system and time schedule,really you mean a lot to me.They say girls are devastated during their breakup and slowly get rid of it and exact opposite happens to the boy, I guess that is true. I see you making it quite better than me to get back to previous life and I'm walking toddler steps towards life in reality. I lost you but still the habit of checking your message to hear from you haven't changed it,it checks automatically though I know I have no one to hear from except you.Earlier,my friend made a heart sign then you were the first thought that came to my mind(I promise).

Everyone's day is going smoothly but not of mine.I don't know what exactly I'm feeling at this phase but I know it's not the right one.I want to show my anger and frustration to everyone but that's not a wise behavior so I'm avoiding everyone.Hey,I saw a beautiful rose today,I was excited but it didn't fascinated much.Wait,have I been bothered by beauties these days?But I'm not succeeding to give upon my thoughts on you.There is a sudden spinal chill whenever someone take your name. Your silence is killing me.My mind is full of confusions and questions.If someone asks me what happened, I don't know what really happened.I guess I missed someone really important and she took all my charm and enthusiasm with her with never returning promise.

Today I missed everything my favorite teacher on my favorite teacher taught me because I was lost in your thoughts.I was successful in keeping mind on focus but I guess my mind wasn't ready to perceive it.I have seen people moving out of life just like that.Are you one of them?