Dear you

Dear you,

If you think you are in love just because you are in relationship, you might be wrong. If you think you love him or her, only because they remembered to buy you birthday presents, you might be mistaken. If you think because he always brings you flowers, sends you morning 'love you' texts and that is why you love him, don't be so sure. If he or she remembers your birthday and your anniversary, plans a big surprise then that' could be just an attraction. If you think he is cute and she is hot, that is called infatuation. You could be together for five years and still you may not be in love. You could meet someone yesterday and you might be already falling for him or her. Love is not empowered by time.


Love is not just those sweet texts we send to one another in the beginning of the relationship. It is not always about calling your partner handsome or pretty. Love doesn't always have to be about fancy dinner and perfect date. If you love someone only because of those texts, dinners and date, then that might not be love. Love does not always comes with sunshine and rainbows. It is so much more than just that.


Love is about being there for each other when they need you the most. It's about listening to her silence when she calls you at 2 am in the morning. It's about holding his hand while he is at the verge of breaking down but could not share a word. It is about caring for each other even at times you are angry. Love is asking 'how are you ' even after the big fight you just had. It is about holding someone after you have been in fight but still say you love each other. Love is about lying awake to calm him down even if you have early shift. It is about making time to meet her even when you have tight schedules. Love is more than just some fancy dates and dinners. Relationships are not just about the sparks and butterflies. A long lasting relationship filled with love includes lot of forgiveness and acceptance.