The love|Part 2| Meeting the boy

I was returning back home from school,I might be 10 m away from school i guess.A young man haulted in front of my right leading leg.''WTF'', I remarked out of my reflex action.''Language,mam''he warned me with a friendly smile.You might be wondering 'who'?Remember the  girl from 'The love',yes her boyfriend and my friend.Our thoughts match and we always have wonderful talk when we meet so in that sense I can call him my 'good friend' but I don't know would that be justifiable relation or not so just leave it till 'friend'. We began starting our conversation  while waiting for the local bus with'same old conversation story'about how are you and blah...blah and he said he was going to the same youth organization for the interview which was still half an hour away from the place I was standing. But after witnessing bus bunching and crowded populations in it,we decided to walk.It was winter so a bit of Vitamin D was nothing harmful(funny smirk,I am sorry, quite lowkey ).Firstly it was hell uncomfortable because we couldn't talk and tease each other like before.''Do I need to be more decent?'',''Do I need to ask what happened between them and empathise him?''Should I blame my friend for making the environment? awkward ?'',ugh! so irritating.After about minutes of silence he uttered the sentence,''How's Alex(my friend,his ex,or no his love,or his previous love?Can love me previous and future? OMG!pardon me,again got into overthinking)?''

''Umm,good'', I replied.

(Wait,should I say him she was doing great without him?Or should I say she was sad?Or should I say she is fine and gain some empathy?Or should I say she is as she used to be,nothing changed,my mind was going under puzzlement).If only I could tell you how embarrassing moment it was.Every words and expressions of my friend had already started to play around my head,in slow motion,rewind and play button(Do I sound filmy?But this is really insane around 5,6 images were dancing around my brain,well I never knew I had such huge corners in my brain, umm quite interesting).Sorry I went out of topic. Basically the images of my friends words as I had written in'The love' occupied most part of my brain and then the steady consciousness to how to behave  normal was triggering me to behave in a certain way.That face of ready to-be-called 'brother-in-law' has now changed after listening to my friend's word but not like I'm hating or something but yeah no completely positive as used to before.( Are you really that bad?,with this thought I took a quick glance to physically visualize his face,it was innocent and caring.NO,this face and the purity that it holds can't deceive my friend,then what it was?)

Just remembered one hilarious as well as most offensive sentence I've ever heard from her,

''You can date him if you like(the boy whom I am talking in the pavement,her love)'',

''Have you lost it?'',''even if he happens to be the handsome,talented,extremely capable person and last man of this world also I can never imagine that,I feel just so stinky even  if I forcibly try to",''How dare you!''and many more was my instant reply.

She funnily smiled at my reaction and it was contagious I guess,we automatically giggled seeing each other.

But I didn't say it just I have to be 'ideal friend',I really can't even put it in thoughts and I am still angry internally thinking about what she said a month ago(furious while remembering that).

''It's over,we have separated our  'river of life' in complete opposite direction and have promised not to even meet in ocean at the end'',he said.(If you think it as a great philosophical line,I am also confused and let me clarify you he's not poetic one but I am wondering how this came off,okay just forget it).''These days I have not been sleeping well,I don't try to sleep as well because every time I close my eyes,she appears with that enchanting,sorry 'witch smile',oh no,even though I try to hate her,that is not happening''.''I got bruises look on right side of my face'',he said pointing to that part,I was not interested at all to interrogate about what and when happened stuffs. He himself began,''After I shared about my breakup to my roommate,he started  calling her 'bitch' and started   giving her names and pointing her character,I couldn't take it even though I was hell angry with my friend.Anyone who speaks against her is my most hated enemy in the world and it is offensive to me, in front of me''.So we got into a fight and I ended of getting these tattoos on my face(smirks). ''Hey you are my 'friend' don't feel uncomfortable okay? because it hasn't changed our relation,sister'',he said.I don't remember what he said  just before''sister'' but that word was disgusting.I wanted to tell him,''Hey mister''why are you giving me taglines all of a sudden,I am never going to put an eye on you,get that"?but I couldn't say.''Are you happy?""I asked in disrupt,''I don't have answer and they are beautiful remaining as something hidden always.''I have a reminder where I used to write after that bad day,I will send you tonight,okay?''Sure,I replied''.

To be continued...