My body is mine alone

My body is mine alone

I am not a sex object

Nor is my body a public property

It scares me

When I find ,hands in my body

Being touched as if I am their personal property

And the saddest part is

These actions are not done by kids

They are done by grown up men


How hard it is for you to understand?

That, I do not, want to be touched by your hands

How hard it is for you to understand?

Even if a girl walks drunk and naked

You dont have the right to rape

You are not god to choose her fate

Because of the dress she chose to wear

Do not mistake your disability

To use your mind to control your body

As your nature of humanity

Because I cannot hide or lie

Sexual assault still exists in our society


When will you understand

I am not here to please you

Only because my dress doesn't cover my knee

Doesn't necessarily mean

I am telling you to have sex with me

When my waist is seen through

And the clothes I wear fits perfectly

It doesnt mean

I want you to take it off my body

It is important for you to understand

My body is mine alone


Just because you think you can

Or just because you were born a man

You can't do as you please


To girls who have been in same place as me

If you are here listening

Please speak

Raise your voice.


I want to feel beautiful in my own skin

I want to choose dress I fit in

And ,So do you,

So, Stand for yourself,don't let yourself bleed

Dont be scared by the number of unknown hands

Trying to grab your breast or your waist

Be brave and have courage

So that one day

May be one day, we will be able to eradicate

This existence of harassment

Your body is your alone

Own it like your pride

Let it show its true colour,let is shine....