The Archer by Paulo Coelho

Well, I read for 2 hours; slowly, straight and finished the book, done and done! Finished reading for 3 times and that's a finish. One of the best one I ever read. I have just received "The Archer" as a gift, So happy to read this. I must and should say; A worth reading.

If you are immensely interested in motivational and inspirational writing. If you want to be motivated, then I am sure this book is going to give you enough satisfaction. If you are reason for actions, willingness and goals then your reading will initiates, guides and maintains your goal oriented habit.  This is like that , which motivates you to act, to do and to focused.

Paulo Coelho, A United Nations Messenger of peace and inspirational writer who got success to win the heart of millions of people of world.

The book begins with prologue and ends up with epilogue. The prologue starts with the meet of Tetsuya ( A well skilled secret archer but every one knows him as a carpenter) and a stranger ( who arrives seeking Tetsuya). And the book ends up with epilogue and the story ends with parting of Tetsuya and the stranger with lots of blessings and all. Between prologue and epilogue there are 13 chapters followed by several inspiring pictures that teach lots as the content do.

The story is all about conversation between Tetsuya and the stranger boy. They both talk about the archer, the bow and the target. The Archer; an ordinary story with complex moral. Paulo elaborates bow is life, arrow will leave one day, the target is long way off, thus bow will stay with you and it is life. Furthermore, the arrow is intention which must be crystal clear, straight and balanced. And, once the arrow has gone will never come.

The target is that stuff chosen by archer, it's choice of an archer, everybody should respect his/her own target. And thus, the archer should understand the bow, arrow and the target. This understanding is enough to be a successful archer.

I would like to illustrate more, that this book explained " we deserve the best", and "if we wanted to learn,it would only be in order to keep death from touching us.”

This book is the best one I have ever read as this book inspire me to remain focused and calm everytime. This book encouraged me to love my work.

- Kopila Dhungana