Digital Dieting in today's world

My nephew is just 7 and he always stays with his mother's phone. He would play games and watch Youtube videos for hours. Even at this young age, he has to wear glasses with power. So, my sister decided to stop his mobile phone uses. Therefore, my nephew was not given the mobile phone and he started crying and shouting. 

Digital Dieting is a concept that refers to the period of inactivity from the digital world. Today, all age groups of people have been addicted to the digital world that the term 'Digital Dieting' has to be introduced. Although the digital platforms cannot be ignored completely, we can all practice the digital dieting as per research, mobile phone addiction is similar to drug addiction.

The following steps will guide you towards digital dieting:

a) Have a strong determination for change:

If you are digitally addicted, then you must have a strong will to change. You must know that it is a problem and can be rectified. The desire to have digital dieting must come within.

b) Turn off notifications from Social Media:

After you know you want to adopt 'Digital Dieting', the first thing you want to imply is to turn off notifications from Social Media. You may feel the urge to go back and check texts when the phone beeps. Turning the notifications off can help you stay away from social media even if for a short amount of time.

c) Set a time for Digital World:

Have a set amount of time that you want to spend digitally and stick to it. Decide the time you can spare without affecting your studies, your work and your family time. If you set an hour for the digital world, don't cross the zone. Have all the fun stuff on the internet at the allocated time.

d) Find something you love away from the digital world:

If you want to stay away from all those social sites and phones, you must divert your mind to something interesting. The distraction must be the one you enjoy doing. For example, you may be interested in sports or playing the guitar. Or, if you are an introvert then there is a chance that you enjoy writing. Just find something you love and is interesting.

e) Spend Time with Friends and Family:

Spend as much time as you can with your real friends and family members. Help your mum cook or water the plant. Talk to your grand-parents about your childhood days and laugh. Go out to meet your friends and go trekking. These things will improve your mental and give you a psychological boost that you can stay away from the digital world.

f) Give yourself constant reminders :

The first days after you decide you want to adopt 'Digital Dieting will be tough. You will have the urge to check your phone. You must resist those urge and keep giving self constant reminders that you can control the urge. Keep giving yourself reminders that you have a fixed time set for the digital world and will stick to it.


Although the digital world is a great platform for education and entertainment, we must not be totally addicted to it. We have to practice the 'Digital Dieting' too so that we do not lag in the real world.