For boys,’’ Just a text’’. For girls,’’A lot more than the text’’

 Mary’s phone ‘’dings’’ just after she returned to her room after washing the dishes. ‘’Hi, I saw your art at the school program. You are a phenomenal painter, I must say. ‘’Wait, what? The most good looking guy in our school just messaged me? After a few jumps on her bed she rushed herself to see in the mirror to clear out if she was really attractive enough or not and she checked her art to know if they were really praise-worthy. She undoubtedly knew ‘’not enough’’ and sat on the bed. She was excited, nervous and happy all at the same time. She began circulating what her reply should be.

‘’Should I act modest and say that’s not good because I myself not sure about it’’, 

Or ‘’Should I thank him? Oh no, that would sound so conceited’’,

Or ‘’Should  I ignore , well stop thinking that if you do so you will be the most stupid person in this entire world, 

Or ‘’Should I ask my best friend about the chat and what should be replied next?’’, but no what if he said just he wanted to and I was overreacting?’’

‘’Ugh, so complicated’’.

She opened his social media profile and got astonished by his personality and appearance, she got awestruck.

‘’Aw, man you have started giving me goosebumps, I’m so nervous even to brainstorm what I should reply next. You know, I was so happy when you sent me friends request, a bit more happy than normal casual friend requests but I’m happy that you messaged me, I feel confident and important and at the same time, no’’not so happy’’ because I don’t know where this is going or is this going ‘’nowhere’’ and If I was just the random girl you feel like texting or you have a bet with your group of boys to initiate conversation with me and make myself fall for you, or What if you will send a screenshot of my message if anything I say, were you really attracted by my painting? What if I genuinely feel for you stronger, or is this just a pickup line to initiate a conversation, What If I reply wrong somewhere and you feel bored or disgusted or make fun of my innocence and share my blunders with your  cool lads, Do you have something serious cooking your head or you just texting to prove that any girl can fall as your prey in your web of beautiful looks or Am I overthinking on this matter?’’, she grumbled about her habit.

Gosh, this is really going above my head. I can’t think anymore, Should I text my favorite girlfriend?’’, she stammered. ‘’She is flair in judging people’s habits. But what if she doesn't confide in herself and share with everyone and gets in everyone’s ear in school? What if she makes wrong judgments and fills my mind with any provocative thought that drives me in the wrong perception( be it as a good person or wrong person) about him. He is a man of dreams. Undoubtedly, what if she has crush on him and she would feel bad of us two getting along, ya, ‘’not getting alone’’ but might be (chuckling) who knows, conversation is the first step to happiness even after? Mary slumped onto the corner and thought she might be overthinking a lot, and she might be just a girl with mere existence for him when she is busy dreaming about having kids with him. What if my friend's logistic reply doesn't work, what if her experienced messaging tips fail in front of him and he likes original person texts and he might be receiving a lot of ''ready-made answers’’. ‘’Should I stand extraordinary?’’ How to become extraordinary? What if my extraordinary costs everything? And my impression remains devastating( Mary’s phone dings)''. OMG! Five more messages of sorry, I need to reply to the soon else he will be gone forever.