Heaven´s mother

We are born to live and love. No matters how we live but we always search the affection, care or love from others. The first and silent love begin in the womb of the mother. Really, this love haunt us untill our final goal i.e. death. Here I am writing about my mother who passed away from this lively world and believe to be in heavenly word.

Mother,while just we pronounce the word also brings different sense in our heart and brain as well. Not only me all the people of this world love their mother. But unfortunate is that out of them some are feeling her attachment and some are lacking it.It was the time I was just admitted in plus two, some thundering news came into my ear. somebody says that " aama serious hunuhunchaa".  Myself being just the age of 16 firstly thought that she is now in hospital and in serious condition. In the course of studying at that time I was in Parbat district with my sister. Next morning I wake up and tell about the mother´s condition in the hospital. My words were just completed she (sister) just started to cry and hug me. Blood relation doesn`t stop me to make full of tears in my eyes. After that we came to my homeland Pokhara within three hours. Then the scene changed into the serious mode all the people were gathered and most of them were crying. In the hurried manner I go to the room and ask my father "aama khoi? aama lai k bhayo?" he replied she is no more. It was the pain like volcano in my chest but condition was not to be weak but strong so I satisfied with myself to be calm and suggest all the memebers not to worry and cry as well.

This was really saddest part of my lifetime. Still today I am haunted by mother love.But she is in the house of god now. Through this article I want to depict that the success of my life is on the way but if she was still alive her love and care really motivate to be more capable and passion too. All the people doesn't face the similar situation in the life but lack of mother is really one of the hazard that we may ever imagine. My mother love become more important to me because from the small age I was outside of my home because of different circumstances. Even I can't feel the love of her in childhood days too.

To wrap up, I want to present that mother love to us is never separated .After her death also we shouldn´t be divert and and not to involve in evil or bad habits. Finally, today in the context of Nepal people are sending their parents in oldage house. Through this article I request all the people to love and respect their parents and stop dominating them. They are god for us so should be love after their death and follow the way they have driven to us and make our life successful ahead.

            " Love you Aama".