Is PUBG mobile as E-Sports growing in Nepal ?

Believe it or not Gaming industry is one of the top industry which has a major impact on the economy through the sales of major systems and games .Major systems involves having better performance of PC , while games involve playing it to win the pool prize through different tournament , streaming & monetizing into different platforms.

  PUBG ( Player's Unknown Battle Ground) mobile is one of the most downloaded and played games in 2019 . Although it is an mobile game it has taken the world by storm and Nepal is no exception. It is an survival game where a player have to kill their opponents to get in 1st place or the players call it to get "Chicken Dinner" . It is an competitive game where some people play to enjoy and get company with their virtual friends surfing through the game whereas some play as their professional jobs and participate in different tournaments to get different pool prizes including cash.

There are some of the teams which have participated in this PUBG e-sports where the winner gets the winning prize of $2.5  million. Some of the teams/clans which have represented in the 2019 tournament are;-

- Team Hype 

- Jyanmaara

- Deadeyes Guy

- Team Xtreme

- Elementrix

They also get a lot of sponsorship which help them to grow ,to get trainings, and help it as the source of income.There are lot of Regional tournaments where the team have to win to get int the main tournament . The Regional prize tournament prize pool was $60000 which was won by Entity Gaming who represented India and head toward the main tournament representing South Asia.So, If you are good in the game,have nice team with good statistics,K/D ratio & know to survive and win the game . Then participate and next $2.5 million dollars can be yours.

Different Teams From Nepal Selected in Regional Qualifiers