Some person makes you feel so calm and relaxed. They don’t really do anything but their mere presence, just the presence makes you so comfortable and at ease. They walk into your space and the whole world, your existence feels blissful. You forget all those problems you have been dealing with a split second ago. It feels like they radiate certain sort of positivity around them that makes everything feel right. You feel at peace. And you wish they would stay a little longer; cause wishing is all you could do. And when they leave, so passes the sense of amenity that came along.

Now, your emotions will deflect where YOU let it deflect. You are as happy as you let yourself be and your mood is as low as you let it be. You are in control of how you feel. At least that’s how it should be. But, still the aura people give off has a silent yet irresistible impact on the people around. Pleasant or obnoxious, you just feel different and not yourself around somebody. And, the interesting thing is one is always oblivious about the kind of vibes they give off, how positively or negatively they are swaying the atmoshphere.

Sometimes, there doesn’t need to be the physical presence. Even the thought of a person can make or break your day. You are all busy handling these overwhelming clients on your tightly scheduled Monday and suddenly their picture clicked into your mind and you find yourself smiling for no reason, your heart flutters , your energy level leaps  and you feel full of life; all this just because they struck your mind out of nowhere.

Then there are the kind of people who makes you feel down. It’s like all your energy suddenly collapses, the little positive spirit you were left with shrinks within. Your excitement and zeal abruptly plummets to zero. Your joyous state of mind flips 180 degrees. You feel the pain and negativity taking over and you pathetically have no control over it. Even when everything feels perfect, the second after they step in, you sense everything falling apart. Sometimes just a slight hit of their memory will suffice to get you that headache that lasts for the rest of your day. I personally consider it wise to keep a safe distance with these kind; be it physically or socially. But its not their fault. Infact they might not have any clue what the vibes they are giving off is doing to the other person, how agonized its making them feel. It is all about perception. Same person may have contrasting impact on different individuals.

And with some person you might have your whole life going on the wrong track but just talking to them makes everything feel right, even the worst of the situation feels redeemable. Intriguing, isn’t it?

Sometimes in the middle of a deep conversation, you look someone in the eyes, and realize that you want to protect this person with all your heart. You want to shield them from the dark miseries that the world is full of. You want to fill them with every ounce of happiness.

And you know whats the most painful thing on earth? Seeing your loved ones in pain and, being able to do nothing about it.

We definitely don’t know what vibes we give off to the person around; its not in our control, yet it is heavily affecting them. The only thing we can do is having pure intentions. It feels bad to get hurt, but worse if we end up hurting others. Spread positivity and stay happy. Peace.