In the world of strong heart

Sansa was jingling the keys walking towards her car, she heard someone sobbing beside her car.

As she reached near, it was Rosie, her friend’s sister.

‘’Hey! It’s you? Oh, you just frightened me. It’s already 10 and I thought it might be a horror cry’’ (chuckling) but Rosie didn’t smile at this lowkey joke. She was sobbing in pause frequently.

At that point Sansa realized she was really having hard time. She led her inside her car and asked what it was all about? After 5 minutes of even louder cry she broke her silence.

‘’They hurt me again.’’

‘’Who?’’ Sansa intruded immediately.

‘’The girls of my class, they are really mean to me, sometime they call me fatso, sometime they yell at me during middle of my morning speech, they post some unnecessary comments on my story, they are really getting in my head and today they were making fun tagging me as ‘’crybaby’’ inside the party. They can’t stop boo booing.’’

‘’ I don’t feel good here, in this school, or maybe not in this world. I have a complain to god, why am I born this way? Why my tear gland can’t endure tears? Why I feel bad about anything this quickly? I am I so vulnerable to people’s thoughts? Why is it difficult to me to accept people’s opinions? The more I open up to people, the more I end up becoming hurt. Sometime I just want to do drugs and just relax myself, do u think it will work?Sometimes I feel like committing suicide.’’ 

Rosie wasn’t going to stop but Sansa interrupted her immediately, ‘’What, drugs? No, dear it will only make things worse. And suicide is definitely not he solution to any of the life problems because it will complicate life of everyone around. Not all iron cut iron as you might think that darkness cuts darkness, sometimes you ought to handle things yourself, your way or in other way.’’

‘’You are drunk, I will talk to you tomorrow, I will drop you home'', was all what Sansa said.

Rosie hurriedly replied,’’ But tomorrow is holiday’’.

 Sansa smiled,’’ I will send you a letter’’.

This thought really bothered Sansa till midnight, she tried to sleep but seeing Rosie’s mental state she couldn’t hold longer not to write letter. She began writing,

’ Dear my lovely sister Rosie,

I am not a psychiatrist nor I am a life coach. But I would like to share something to you.

You have been going through really tough time and trust me I’m there to listen to you all the time and don’t ever feel you are lonely or I am going to judge for anything that you say. I am aware that you get influenced by everyone and you try so hard to fit in because you are easily attached. And you have this constant anxious feeling of why are you this way or why are thinking that you are sad and so on. You are trying so hard to be nice to everyone but they don’t take it that way and that makes you sad. Well the reason why you are sad is because you except the other reaction to be as generous and good as you which is not going to happen in maximum cases so minimize your mental speed on how people respond, if they respond as your motive be happy else if they think other ways just feel great about you and your beautiful heart. If you take other’s perception to your life and entertain their thoughts then you will make other party win the battle of convincing that you look or you are certain way that beat you in the battle of self-dignity already.

Yesterday you meant you aren’t thick-skinned and not ruthless enough so people see you as a weak person and vulnerable one. Congratulations! You know who you are and what you feel that most elderly people might not have thought upon themselves about what they are and what they really feel.

If you are too naive just don’t care. There is courage in being naive and your vulnerability shows you innocence and true image when you act. If people hurt you, be strong enough to endure it one day they will definitely get what a gem you really are. Definitely as Darwin has said it’s the world for the fittest ones but being sensitive person is not sign of weakness. On the contrary it’s the sign of strength to remain pure and open to humanity and its kind. You don’t need to care about trying to be thick-skinned or ruthless or not to let anything affect you because if everything affects and you are overly sensitive then it’s okay. I genuinely mean it’s okay. Accept yourself in any way you are, if you can work for it go on, if you don’t want then it’s fine just don’t get pressurized by the thing that you need to behave or think certain way people want, okay? If people really love you and want to stay in your life, they will stay anyway but if not consider they aren’t meant to stay.

At last, we can’t change how we think but we can definitely change how we keep going''.

  • With love