Do you remember the first time I met you, I got your name pronounced  wrong but now look here today I am wishing to add my surname to yours. That is what I feel for you, I want to be yours and you want to be mine for lifelong and beyond.

Time and again you ask me question,'' Why do you love me?''

And I keep uttering words like,

How beautiful you are,

How beautiful your thoughts are, 

How responsible, loving and caring you are,

Is that all? Are they special enough to love you and enough to hold you ?

I don't think so because there would be millions who share such qualities.

So honestly I don't have limitation to my answer about how and why I love you.

From the first, feeling of nervousness and hesitation when I saw you, to those goosebumps when you kissed me, to sharing seat in bus route, to making excuses to walk along the road a bit longer, to make excuses to drop your place, to the texts, to the calls, to those failing moments, to those victory moments, to all the anger, to all the joy, to all those tears, to all those smiles,  to all those memories we shared, to the days that went mute and to the moment when you called me cute. 

Everything was a  destined plot, that made me love you more and more. So these are the culprits who are fooling me not to choose one as ultimate thing to make me love you, they all are  beautiful together. From seeing you wear 'red' for the first time, made 'red my favorite color, from offering me 'Twix', 'Twix' became my favorite chocolate.  Immediately missing you before saying 'goodbyes' and to be around you became my crave is what this feeling got me like.

Love, I love you for all those moments which we spent and I shall love you for all the moments which are yet to arrive.