It`s all we need

Friend and enemy are contrary they say, but is a contrast. Only single event is enough to reverse their roles. Stars twinkle, planets revolve around sun, death comes to everything that exits, these are truth but if one reason can change person`s attitude they are fallacies, just our imagination. Friend and enemy both are part of our life, this is inexplicable perfection of creation. ''Enemy'' word itself brings fear to our existentialism, a strong feeling of hatred to someone. You never wish to earn them  but you keep adding them every single moment you live. In Mahabharat, it is said you`ll find neighbor, friend and enemy wherever you go. Can you think anyone free from so called ''enemity''?  You? famous personalities? Saints? No one in the world, not only humans but entire living and non-living. People who are living simple life is also bounded by such people. Time, responsibility, age, opinions, actions and so on play vital role for this. Only fake people or stranger can make ideal smiling face speaking sweet words. It`s obvious to have differences because person one lives, background he grows in, experience in life and way of perceiving something cannot be same for all. This is truth, a bitter truth.

Let me exemplify you. Abraham Lincoln, Mahatma Gandhi;  these immortal names who always aimed goodness to flourish were assassinated by people of their own land. This shows enemies surround us, they are not faraway. I don`t mean you need to speculate everybody with doubtful eyes, not at all. Well, the main cause of enemity is misunderstanding. We never listen to others, we put our ego before intellectuality, anyway we put ourselves first. How many of us consider having enemies disturbs our tranquility, hence is the most disgusting thing? They stalk, they traumatize our wounds, they laugh on our hard times leaving us difficult to leave. All of us, isn`t it? We must have imagined life without them is beautiful but, no. Life without enemy would be stopping point for man`s progress. It is the most complex equation of nature. Cat is not enemy of mouse, it`s nature equation. I want to pinpoint the day we realize we have enemies, we push ourselves towards betterment, individually we encourage ourselves to overcome our flaws and fears. We`ll try to prove they are wrong in their judgements sharpening our qualities. Sometimes we too are wrong as we overshadow our mistakes and fail to apologize else it depends on person`s misinterpretation and  wrong judgements. Everyone of us desire to live a peaceful life. The most vulnerable situation we make mistake is either when we are in apex of success or zero point. It`s better to be wise to the most in this phase because after we attract unfavorable people to our lives, we become restless evaluating their moves with absolute fear. Life is a graph of heartbeat,  ups and downs, it only makes difference how you react in ups and rise in downs.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          

It`s okay to feel jealous, it`s okay to expect high, it`s okay to fail to have compassion towards other (which is a rare thing), it`s okay to want more. But when it is embraced with wild starvation of name, fame and money(which are need and desire itself),forgetting humanity, remaining insensitive, considering fallacies of materialistic things as everything we are enemies of ourselves. This can be most dangerous thing. It`s upto us how we mould our life and perceive in positive way. Let`s spread love, it`s all we need. And for life, it`s still a mystery.