Story from Namobuddha

Namobuddha is a popular visit location to many people in and around valley. I along with my friends as well went to explore the place  . It was mesmerizing, the greenery, the place, the route, the architecture, the designs, the paintings and what not.  Honestly, I have always been fascinated by Buddhists preaching and the spiritual radiant vibes they have got around. While we reached the main gate leading to Namobuddha, we had to climb few stairs and on the right of my side was a small chaitya. I went and the picture above was what I saw and the scripture in the language I have zero idea about. We roamed around the place but I didn`t want to return without knowing anything about the place and only bringing photos so that I can post on 'Social Medias'. We decided to ask anyone of the monk available about different things that fascinated us inside the main monastery  where there were many statues of Buddhas. 

I curiously asked," This is the main monastery then what was down there a statue of a boy with a knife and blah blah", he smiled and told it was the significance of Namobuddha itself. I don`t remember all his story and names but I will try to share story on my own language as far as I remember.

Before many eons, once there was a king with a wife and 3 sons. Once they came to have quality time with the family to the place where present day Banepa or Panauti area lies.They had a grand celebration where the present day monastery is situated. All the 3 prince walked into they crept up the den and saw a tigress and a cub. The elder two targeted the arrows but the younger one stopped them. Tormented by the hunger, the tigress even could`nt move her head. The elder brothers said that such tigress eat only fresh blood and flesh. They walked into the woods but the younger one was feeling bad for the tigress and her cub so. Before he had gone very far with his brothers, he said to them, “Brothers, you two go on ahead. I have something to take care of and will catch up with you soon.” He undressed himself to let the tigress eat but the tigress was starving by then. So he took a sharp splinter from nearby woods and cut his skin starting from hand one by one and fed the tigress. She got revitalized again and she devoured him.The two brothers waited a long time, but the youngest prince did not come, so they set out to find him. Reflecting on what he had said earlier, they had no doubt that he had returned the tigress’s den.When they arrived and looked inside, there was nothing left of their brother but blood, bones, nails, and bits of clothing. The tigress had consumed him. During this time, the queen was taking a nap and in a dream saw three doves flying high in the sky. As they fluttered around, a hawk struck and carried off the smallest one. Waking in terror, the queen immediately related her dream to the king. He replied, “Hearing your story, I believe the three doves are our three sons. The younger one was in danger. Soon the two princes arrived and the king asked  about the younger one. Choked with sadness,     told their parents that the tigress had eaten him.After a long while and with profound sighs, the two princes, the king, and the queen rushed to the place where the youngest prince had died. When they arrived at the opening of the den, what met their eyes were the bones and rivulets of blood left behind by the tigress. The royal family did funeral with relics of bones and built a chaitya. .

Meanwhile, the prince had been reborn and visited Swayambhu Nath, Guhyeswori etc and came to preach his disciple about his past life  and showed the prince`s jewelries and things that belonged  to him. This place is also proved by Lamas.

After hearing this story, I went back to this place , for few minutes I was silent,I took this picture to remind me, like how can one himself take his life to save someone else, not human but animal? Then onwards, I really feel how important a life is to  me, to anyone connected to me  and we should always appreciate other`s presence and try to help others as far as possible. Let`s love ourselves a bit more today, even more tomorrow and this shall go on forever, will you?