“Sadism” a term used for the people who find pleasure in the sorrow of others.

The term might be new for some of us, but the tendency isn’t. Whatever you say

“I’m very positive, I’m so compassionate, I don’t tend to deceive someone

playfully.” You know what’s going wrong in your mind (scary laugh). You know

how many times you masked yourself? Psychologists have found few

psychologically harmful personality as ‘Narcissism’ (excess love for oneself),

Machiavellianism (tending to manipulate others, attempting to achieve goals

cunningly, unethical in one’s advancing career)

According to research at University of California, the sadistic personality in average human

being has increased from 4 to 6 percent in span of just 5 years. If it rises to 10% there will be

sharp increase in criminal activities and on 15% humans will kill each other for absolutely minor

reasons. At 100% we don’t see humanity existing in any form.

Have you watched “Fifty Shades of Grey”? The sadism of the protagonist can be

seen in some of the sensual scenes. The serial killer in “EK Villain” was also victimized by the

sadistic personality disorder and kills any woman he sees happy as a medium to forget the

ongoing chaos of his life. Some common examples- Trend of putting memes or posts as a

weapon to satire someone in immoral manner. When you don’t get distinction and you realize

your friend is doing good at study and you try to disturb them. You feel satisfied when some

talks ill about the one you dislike, though it isn’t a noble thing.

I have read a book of Sydney Sheldon ”Tell Me Your Dreams” where a girls suffer from sadism

and develops ‘Multiple Personality Disorder’ and murders. Instead of giving constructive

suggestions we weaken people, and enjoy it. Social media is somehow provoking Sadism, people

envy other’s followers, likes, comments and compare their lifestyles with others especially with

the celebrities, luxury, fame, photos and status.

I think people write or act sadistically to control their emotions. I mean how can

we control emotions that way. It is more of our conscious spontaneity. In the

Alchemist by Paulo Coelho it’s written “the way u die and the day u die are the

best day and the best way to die.” So why not let live a life where we are seeking

the best in everything we do rather than taunting others in their bad. You know it

better how much negativity you can bear, right? Don’t let Sadism bother you.