I arrived at Pokhara a very hours back (1 a.m.) I was walking through the streets of Lakeside in search of hotels. I was enjoying the cold street walk.

Then, a guy (Mr. Dahal) just passed by my way. He was looking for taxi and had forgetten where his hotel is. He waved a hand to a scooter where 3 teen age kids where riding and were drunk. Mr. Dahal was asking help whether he could find a taxi or not (3 a.m.) I was only 30-40 steps back and actually could hear all the conversation that Mr. Dahal and other 3 boys were having. I felt very doubtful and felt like they were trying to rob Mr. Dahal. I thought of saving myself first and therefore hurriedly rushed little ahead.

In few steps ahead, I just saw a Tourist Police Station. And, then asked helped from a police. At the time, Mr. Dahal was beaten brutally up with helmets by 3 kids. They were using helmets and stones in Dahal head and for a moment I thought he will die. Seeing me approach with policeman those 3 kids ran away. And, fortunately I was able to save him.

Now, with travel comes safety too. Our roads are not secure at night for local people; and how is Nepal government making sure that tourist are safe while walking on our streets even at Night? This question just pissed me off when I further knew these kind of incidents are NORMAL at Lakeside area! What the hell.

Ask Our Tourism Minister Yogesh Bhattarai how are we making a secure Nepal for all kind of tourist! If he doesn't answer ask your local government! don't just put LOGO of #visitnepal2020 in your marketing campaign. Ask question and if government doesn't answer it; be the ANSWER yourself. Saving one life is important ! I begin my new year by saving someone from death.