"Experiencing different forms of my dream "

Have you ever had a dream? I think everyone dream every night or maybe sometimes on the day. Many of them remember what they saw; however, some of not. Some people dream for a long time, while some take a nap. Amidst dream, people experienced many forms with various emotions. Either it's is about happiness, sadness, scary, fear, success, romance, war, demon, magic, and so on that seen just one time or repeatable- recurring. Do you ever experience many forms of a dream?

Similarly, I do have a lot of dreams. Some I do not remember, some I do. Those dreams that I remember cover up all the emotions and types. Today, I am going to express my those form of dreams:

  1. Have you ever seen a recurring dream and want to continue that dream which broke amid the dreaming time? If I say about me, then yeah, I have. I used to see a recurring dream. Sometimes it's a nightmare or simply a normal one. The hilarious moment is that while I was dreaming. After a while, because of some reason, it broke. Then, the first thing that popped up in my mind was I have to continue or discontinue. I continued my dream if I loved that. If not, then I didn't. If I missed after halted dreaming, then later the feeling came was I should have continued. And after a long gap, you see a recurring dream. I have been experiencing all phases. Sometimes, it's a recurring nightmare or simply the happiest or normal one. Do you ever feel like this?
  2. Have you ever get scared in between the dream? If I say about me, then yeah, I felt that many times. I scared when I see a nightmare. And, still, the feeling is the same. I have been experienced nightmares amid dream since childhood. They just attacked, followed and pressed me every time. I don't know about one thing that may be a hallucination, real or, it's on a dream. Most of the time, I felt that some unpleasant soul was pressing my entire body, due to which I could not get out from that situation. You know what, I could not even move my body. So, because of these reasons, I get scared of nightmares. Do you ever feel your body in a coma? Have you ever attacked by a bad dream?
  3. Have you ever felt an unconscious while dreaming that you can't recognize whether it's a dream or real? Well, If I say about me, then yeah, I have felt that many times. I would rather say it half-dreaming than a complete one. At that time, I barely listened to the matters that people discussed and the sound of everything. After I stopped dreaming, I always got confused. I thought it could happen in a dream or real life.
  4. Did you ever cry in a dream? If I say about me, yeah, I do. But this happened to me rarely. When I saw an emotional one, I cried at that time. And after the dream, the feeling was also touched. It took me some times to get out of that.

So, I want to wrap up my words here though there are still so many experiences that I had felt while dreaming. But, anyway, this much for today. I hope you can connect my words and feel the same while dreaming. Have a good day.