Dear Mummy and Baba,

We haven't asked about your journey. How this all happened? How you were doing? How the days past away? How you tackled awful situation. But we have ask you about your happy days. And we know your marriage day was your favourite time. Obviously, yes you are the divine gift. You are our dynamic will power with positivism. You always devote your entire constructive dreams to mastery things just for our sake.

Baba, you always say new efforts after failure bring rapid growth. And mama, you always say that be live with self realization and the aim of your life will be gloriously fulfilled.

Your smile, love, affection and blessings make our days bright. We are having lots of opportunities in life just by your creation, not by chance.

Dear love, don't pray for our betterment because we are completely complete just because of you. Your children are the richest people because they have parents like you who support even in their failure. It's not enough to write about you. Although I tried, it's impossible and insufficient. Thank you for everything. We love you lots.

Happy 25th anniversary.

Your Children,