what is your dream

What is your dream?

 I have always wondered what kind of life should I live? What is it that I want more than anything in this world? Do I live to serve others or should I live for myself? What is my dream? Whenever I found myself struggling with these questions, my grandmother used to tell me ‘ My dear, you should live to have fun. It is not supposed to be this hard. My little girl, don’t overcomplicate things in your head and just have fun with your life.’

We come into this world with a deadline tagged with us. Of all the uncertainties this life brings, the end is the only thing we are unequivocal about. While the vagueness of the future is undeniable, we still struggle every second for certainty. From the moment we are born, we are sculptured by society to its benefits. Micro-managing our every little activity we all grew up being forced to do one thing or the other. You need to be successful, you need to be a doctor, an engineer, a lawyer. You need to pass your exam, you need to graduate. We all grew up doing things we were not sure about.

You could have an extraordinary dream. You could dream of becoming the sensation of the era. You can wish to be an astounding character on this planet. At the same time, wishing to have a completely common life is equally valid. If you can dream of living in a mansion, wishing to have a small house of your own is justified. If you want to be worldwide famous, be known by the entire race is considered, having a desire to live a quotidian life is a rational choice. If becoming the richest person on the planet is admired, living life on daily wages is respectable. If having a Ph.D. degree is appreciated a high school graduate should not be insulted. We all are born differently in this world. Forcing them to have the same dream is nothing but foolishness.

The most important thing is to enjoy the life given to us. All the riches and wealth people earn killing themselves every day is just so they can have some fun. But what is the use of the wealth, if they don’t pay off. If you are living in a castle but suffering every day, there is no use in all possession you have. Life is not that hard if you take it as it is without exaggerating the situation. You can have any dream, be it big or small. Your dream does not have to be exceptional. It could be as simple as wanting to go on a road trip or going for a hike. Living in a small house without phenomenal luxury doesn’t make your life unworthy. Your dream should be yours alone, something that makes you smile from your heart, something that you truly desire. 

In this stupendous world, we often lose hold of our tiny souls. Although the shiny glasses and sparkling city lights are tempting, always be true to yourself. Your life belongs to yours alone and so does your dream. After all, you just need to have fun with your life, right?