My friend

Friend, how sweet this relation is. As, we call "A friend in need is a friend indeed." A friend, The friendship ; a strong bond between people with amorous, affection, brevity and boon.

Like lots of people have many friends in their life; classmates, childhood friend,pen friend, school/college friend, hello friend, best friend etc. and etc.


Also I do have a friend who is really close to me. He is great and amazing guy. A handsome and smart as well. He , who is tall, can impress anyone. He and I are bosom friends.

As far i know he is guy with vision and reason. He not only shares his work/experience, but also lessens his sorrows, redeem his boredom and brighten his joy.

He is somehow irritable and quarrelsome, but also a pain staker. He is courteous to every man.

He loves football, indoor games, or sometimes mobile games and video games as well. He love to watch football match, it's no worries to watch it at midnight. He is okay with that. He doesn't like to watch cricket match.

The best this is, he is a perfect merrymaker. I like his way of speaking. He expresses his words as a fun and he explores himself as a good person.

He, not I are going to be rewarded regarding our friendship but it's okay, and it's casual.