If anyone asks you

If anyone asks you,what have you done till date and what is your future, what will you reply?

 I know you all have answers differing from the variety of courses you are studying and professions you will be choosing in the future.

For me, there is only one answer to this? Surprised? Yes, all you are doing is what everyone else is doing in this life - proving yourself.

 Starting from your womb, when your mother proves her womanhood and fertility by giving you birth till the last breath, you are proving to have got reasons to live. You are proved as a girl or boy with a gender certificate and as you grow up along with the hormonal changes you are always trying to prove your sexuality be it male, female or LGBTIQ etc. You were sent to school because they have to prove that they are good parents and they are aware that sending to school  is their basic right. If you aren’t allowed to go to school then it is because you are to prove that household or other responsibility is of more priority. You are told to compete in academics and extra curricular activities because you have to prove your ability in future. You are told to look a certain way according to the society and your gender because you have to prove that you are part of the society. You are told to secure certain percentage just to prove that you are intelligent enough or you are not dumb or you friends are more dumb than you. You are attracted to the opposite gender or anyone from another sexual orientation you are supposed to compliment because nature wants to prove its natural phenomenon.

 Till then you have more or less started making decisions on your own, why? Because you have to prove that it is the best time to decide on your own. Your parents will keep on manipulating your decisions because they have to prove that you are still their part and they always will have the upper hand on you. 

You are studying hard because you have to prove your capabilities, better than the rest. You are struggling with your grades because you want to prove that if everyone can, why can’t you? You have to get a job because you have to prove that you are capable of making your own living. If you remain unemployed you have to prove many times that even if you don’t get a job you are capable of doing other work to make a living. If you don’t believe in getting formal education to kiss success, you are proving that an educational degree isn't everything to success.You have to keep with the trends because you have to prove that you are fit to live , same as the theory of ‘’Survival of the fittest’’. You have to be healthy because you have a lot of things to prove in life and an unhealthy body will hinder it to some extent. If you are diseased or disabled, you have to survive, because you have to prove that with strong faith in oneself and neglecting ‘’so-called disability’’ we can succeed in making a living. Even with all the struggles, anxiety, frustration,depression, you have to live because you have to prove that your problems aren't as big as your inner strength. If you commit suicide, you are proving that life has given you enough shit to handle and you can't take from it anymore. If you commit any crime or develop any bad habits, your reasons, your stories or your curiosity etc are proving those reasons behind it. You are searching for a good partner because you want to prove your luck, and you deserve love and if s/he is not good, you always struggle to prove that you can change is possible with love. 

... this continues. 

You might also say that I’m not doing this to prove anyone, anything; but because it is my passion but at the same time you are proving that you are doing so because it's just what you want to do all your life and you are proving that it is making you happy. So if anyone asks you what are you doing, reply saying I am just proving…, especially my worth of living.

P.s, I am also writing this to prove that you are only living to prove your living. (playful laugh)