Yes m a nurse

Swelled arms, burst my abdomen

inner to self, I sighed myself 'amen'


I can't stop, cause I' m a nurse.

Vision getting blurred, voices slurred

I can't let myself feel my nerve,

cause i'm a nurse


Thirsty throat, dehydrated my spirit

I doubt, am I kind by mind ? to help myself

Oh , I don't have time, cause i' m a nurse


The threat to health,

despite this fact I felt

with every other else, i'm obliged to melt

I can't be frozen, cause i'm a nurse


Unuttered words with an  ache in heart

Regardless of all shits I've to start

Oh, I forget I can't ache cause i'm a nurse.


The situation: pandemic

It's nothing alchemic

COVID: trajic and sorrowful soul

Tagged as frontliner and surging death poll

Me: scared, yet bold

A belief that I've hold


I have to bump, in spite of all stuff

I have to move forward

in spite of any reward

cause I m a nurse. Yes m a nurse