Effective study techniques: OQRST

What is the proper way to study effectively and in better ways?These techniques have been proven fruitful experimentally.They are:-OQRST (Observation, Question, Read, State, Test).Here we will have summarized discussion on these.


At this point,you have to get a bigger picture of the chapter by looking at the table of contents, headings and subheadings, key sentences, summary, charts, pictures, maps and diagrams etc.If none of these are available, we ought to depend upon the scanning method.

Scanning means running the eyes rapidly not word by word but picking up the phrases and main words here are the main ideas.First observing students study 24% faster than without observing.


Make questions that you think might think must been answered after completing the reading.The question you have in the mind are points,telling you what might look for in each subtopic, sentence and paragraph by paragraph.They encourage you to pay detailed information, investigate details in your reading and concentrate on your study.


The third effective step is to read.Effective study requires reaction.It starts when one energetically reacts to the materials we  are about to learn.If you have habit of reading word by word then you are not reading but passing time.


The element of this step are:Reflective,thinking,jotting down main ideas and reacting.

Stating is self examination. 


You can test yourself and state in own words the entire content of the paragraph but without comprehension,it is useless.