In this world full of chaos, people often forget about themselves. We all love someone or something but when will we fall in love with ourselves?

Don’t we already love ourselves?

No one is going to love you exactly as you imagine. No one is going to applaud for your small achievements be it waking up early, taking a cold shower during winter days, or placing old stories with new ones.

We all talk about being in love or loving the people around us but how many of us understand what love really is?

People have their own definitions and perceptions of love. For some, love is a feeling of care and affection towards someone. For some it might be, knowing the inner person, the inner soul that he or she might have been hiding for a long time.

Everyone thinks of it differently. Here is our way of understanding “LOVE”.It may or may not be similar to what you think but try and understand what we wish to convey here.

Love is how you see yourself. And the way you see yourself is the way you people around you will see you. So if you love yourself, you will be loved by everyone around you. The ability to love you through and throughout is beautiful. It is the purest and the most beautiful form of love one can experience.

Most of us seek love from outside from other people. We have developed negative beliefs about ourselves not being perfect and about being loved.

“ONLY MY MOM LOVES ME.NO ONE ELSE DOES” is what we often tend to say.

Now, most of you would be wondering how we should love ourselves.

Self-love comes with the complete acceptance of everything you are. if you can look into the mirror right now and say to yourself that “I love everything I am and whatever I have” then that is true self-love. You need to start appreciating yourself for who you are and love whatever you do.

No one is going to read your mind and take every star from the sky at the perfect time and hand it to you. That is why you have to love yourself enough so that any other love just adds up more cherries to the cake that you have already iced.

No matter how you look; fat, skinny, tall, short, dark, fair, it does not matter if you feel perfect and comfortable in your own body. People are going to talk about their talks for a day or two but it’s you who’s going to have to line their life in the same body.