Tips to pass IELTS your first time taking it Part 3

Tips to pass IELTS your first time taking it Part 3



Time is key


I cannot emphasize enough the value of time management during any exam. You may think that you can get done with the paper without losing track of time—but time waits for none, and if you make even a single mistake, then you won’t get back the time lost. It is, therefore, necessary to appreciate the task of keeping a track of time.


In an IETS paper, differential section-wise time allotments happen. There are 4 sections, namely Reading, Listening, Speaking, and Writing of which the first and fourth are of 60 minutes each, and the second and third are 40 minutes and 15 minutes respectively. Is It Legal To Buy IELTS Certificate Without Exam


Unless you prepare for the exam keeping these time slots in mind, you are most likely to flunk in time management at the time when you must not.


Avoid Picking up an accent you don’t have



Out of desperation or under a misguided notion that western accent gets you better scores, candidates often end up imitating the accent thinking that it would work. IELTS without exam  IT DOES NOT! Let me make it clear that it is very easy to note a forced foreign accent, and the invigilators can very well deduct marks if you do. It is highly advised that you work on your natural accent—in fact buy ielts without exam, focus on fundamentals such as grammar, pronunciation, sentence formation and vocabulary. A foreign accent won’t remedy the lack of any of these.


Practice Mock Tests As If Your Life Depends on Them

Drawing from my own experience, I would strongly urge candidates of IELTS to practice as many mock tests as they can. The advantages of mock tests are multi-fold: you are exposed to a variety of questions, you will develop a knack for eliminating wrong answers, you will learn time management, Is it Possible to Buy Genuine IELTS Certificate Without Exam. You will be able to self-evaluate and work on your weakness, and you will become absolutely familiar with the format which will ultimately subdue exam-time nervousness.

For the listening and speaking sections, it is advised that you dedicate at least an hour for them. Ask your friends or anyone else you deem fit to engage in an English conversation or participate in learning activities. This is, especially, crucial if you come from a country where English is seldom spoken.