Creators: Create or decry

 I am a noob at learning about information and technology. I know this doesn’t go well for someone living in the digital tech generation. Recently I came across the word, ‘’creators’’, like ‘TikTok creators', ‘youtube content creators’, ‘digital content creators’ and so on. This word just struck over my head. It created such positivity in my mindset. I tend to believe that nowadays every house has some kind of creator in social media. Everyone tends to believe in this. But what are they really creating and shaping in society?

As a youth, I believe all of us are upset seeing the kind of content that goes viral over popular platforms like ‘Tiktok’, ‘Youtube’ and even ‘Instagram’. These platforms are beyond magic. But the kind of content that gets right on trend is more or less similar.

In general, people who are either making fun of others or doing some nonsense acts are made viral. On Youtube, sad stories and media houses asking for donations circulate around.

In Instagram, some luxurious, happy, perfect life is demonstrated.

I didn’t mention other social platforms as I wanted to focus on social media where the word ‘content’ is widely used. I know no one is to blame, as I have seen my mother’s Facebook all filled with some form of ‘’Kandas’’, ‘’broken family story’’ and ‘’extreme poverty’’ because she watches it. Am I directing that these activities are wrong? No. There are many stories that would have never reached big media houses and journalists if these platforms were unavailable. But we can’t deny the fact that these online portals, videos are hindering not only a private life but also exploiting the victims.

A person with a camera and a microphone along with some make-up on doesn’t make a content creator. No way. A content creator should have ‘impact’ and ‘intent’. I know not all people perceive it exactly the same way the creator wants to bring it. But the kind of audience and media strength you hold, you should have something worth their time. The contents are something productive for you and to the viewers. If you as a content creator don’t have rightful knowledge enough to speak, you are unworthy to post content on social platforms. 

I have seen content creators targeting underprivileged people or someone weaker as subject of their content. You have the power to change the perception of the audience. Is life less painful for them? And on top, is it to be taken as light hearted subject that the privileged humiliating them?

 I have seen a lot of roasters, reactors growing in the social media community. That’s great but the content is not positive or well-informative. The outlook when I share such words like roasters tends to have one imprinted impression of insult crossing the limits, doesn't it? In order to get viral, the so-called content creators are creating nuisance to get maximum views. Then what about the creativity that these content creators can bring forth, what the audience receives in return? All these go in vain. There are masses of people who idealize content creators, then you are definitely shaping their mindsets. You are a ‘content creator’ which means you should have content, not random videos. People are commenting, liking, following on that and I can learn the reason for that. I know people would argue with me saying, people actually get entertained seeing these. Then to those, I would like to counter the argument that people also get entertained seeing you slipping in a muddy road, would you like that too? Everyone has their own opinion, way of doing ya, I get it that these are basic rights. But what about the responsibility that comes along the right? If it was a free platform to conduct whichever way we want then there wouldn’t be any guidelines on social media content. Content creators should showcase creativity, knowledge instead of polluting the media platform.


Are only content creators to be blamed? No indeed. I remember searching for some insane program because it was hyped by everyone as disgusting content and I got interested to find out what it was. We are the ones who are willing to be part of such a community of content. Has time started becoming so unproductive for us? Is this the result of unemployment? Is this the result of a massive dependence ratio? It’s the choice that creates a social media community, whether it is a choice of creators or the audience itself?