What determines beauty?


Living a happy existence requires social acceptability. She wears a silver chain tied around her neck with a locket, a blue-collar neck T-shirt, a metal belt on her flabby waist, black jeans, and closed shoes. She has brown shoulder-length hair tied high in a ponytail, revealing her small forehead and eyes, a flat nose, thin lips, fat cheekbones with a scar large enough to be noticed on the right side of her cheek. She had a voice and an opinion when she walked into the room, but she was silenced. She'd always wanted to do it, but she was turned off and stood back them. Those who were scrutinizing her looked at her from head to toe. The caustic look made her feel worthless, yet it simply represented how others saw her. When she tried to express herself, she was met with slamming doors and rejection, making her believe that being like "her" was more essential than being her. Unless it was to scoff, hardly one glanced twice at her. She never had the guts to go up and introduce herself again since she didn't think she was beautiful enough.

Full lips, a high forehead, a broad face, a tiny chin, a small nose, a short and narrow jaw, high cheekbones, clear and smooth skin, wide-set eyes, a thin physique, a larger chest with a smaller waist were all traits she lacked. She didn't feel at ease in this environment.

If it's true that a female's smile makes her seem attractive, this girl hasn't looked lovely in a long time. The only time we see her smiling is when she's without her front tooth and has those gleaming eyes, that carefree expression when she's not worried about her posture, hair, clothes, or, most crucially, her skin which is now only visible in photographs. Only if it were feasible to live life in the same way that it is done here, she used to be such a vibrant person, but now she is lifeless. She used to be so full of herself, but now she believes she's just making a fool of herself every time she tries to express herself.

She'd been putting homemade national and international beauty products over her face. Layers on top of layers when will this skin be able to breathe freely again? Tears on top of tears, which will soon become a flood. To acquire such a curvy physique, she had to sweat and starve herself in a gym. It's become part of her routine to prove herself, gain acceptance, and be heard. Does one's appearance just determine beauty? If that's the case, I don't believe this beauty can reveal anything about a character's appearance.

Today's marketplaces are flooded with beauty goods since everyone wants to look good. Meanwhile, the one place that is never vacant is the parlor and cosmetic stores next door, making us beautiful. There is a bigger flow of people in these areas than in any temple. I'm curious as to when this temple of beauty will listen to her. Beauty comes at a price, and it isn't simply financial. To beautify oneself, there's a lot to go through.

"Beauty is a light in the heart, not a face; why isn't this lightened heart noticed by everyone?" Is the light not bright enough to perceive her beauty, or do you require special glasses to glimpse this lighthearted heart? Why can't we love her for who she is instead of forcing her to be someone she doesn't want to be? Why are we having her do it with her outward self rather than helping her improve her interior self? We constantly believe we see a person, yet we are simply seeing what is shown to us. Faces hidden behind masks are only visible in the mirror, yet we regularly communicate with our faces hidden behind masks. It's the same life lived by two distinct people. We are incredibly mindful of presenting our genuine selves to them. It's just because we want everyone to notice how beautiful we are. Is this reasonable?

It's enough to hear that you're lovely.

But what exactly is it?

It may be brown skin for me and fair skin for you. It might be smooth, long hair for me, but frizzy, knotted hair for you. It may be a fat face for you, but it could be a nude face for me! It may be designer clothes, nails, and shoes for you, but it could be something more comfortable for me.

Isn't it true that we're all the same?

What is the definition of beauty?

The skin is the only thing that gets counted. Why does our skin influence our attractiveness?

Go forward to more of this and define what it all means since there is always more to it than meets the eye.