My 15 basic actions for eco-system and sustainability

With the growing concern about our beloved planet earth’s ecosystem, development and protection should go hand-in-hand. For this reason, sustainable development is something every one of us should take part in as far as possible. I shall be sharing what I am practicing as ‘’My share of responsibility for the sustainability of the ecosystem’’.


  1. Normalizing thrift shops: In case you don’t know what a thrift shop is, it is actually a second-hand shop especially for charitable purposes.
  2. Reducing single-use products: Sachets, plastic plates, plastic spoons, etc.
  3. Books: I know books are the greatest investment of life but if it’s possible you can share. It decreases demand for books as well as cutting off trees.
  4. Planting a tree at least a year: In Hinduism, it’s said you should plant a tree at least once in a lifetime. I don’t want to be biased on the basis of religion, but I request everyone to do this and feel the magical bliss that follows.
  5. Using word pads instead of papers: So, recently I have been typing on digital apps rather than wasting a lot of papers.
  6. The trend of giving your non-fitting clothes to juniors.
  7. Involvement in Cloth donations to the needy
  8. Basics: Saving resources-Turning off lights, use of pressure cookers, avoiding leaving water tap while not in use, decomposable wasters for manure.
  9. Rooftop farming
  10. Using bamboo baskets, bamboo trays to the maximum: It kind of saddens me for these local homemade skills and the market being replaced by plastics.
  11. Buying larger bottles of plastics if I have to instead of many tiny bottles.
  12.  Taking cloth bags to the vegetable market: I prefer buying from the shops using either cloth bags or paper bags.
  13. I don’t know if I can ever be vegetarian and vegan but I am cutting off consumption of meat or at least maintaining a gap for weeks. Consumption of meat is a shortcut to biodiversity destruction. Looking forward to adopting a vegetarian lifestyle.
  14. I have seen people using vehicles just for a few meters. I don’t usually take up vehicles unless it’s too late. It’s for my health as well as for the planet.
  15. I do a lot of thinking to know whether I genuinely want or not and only buying things very wisely.